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At the end of each year I eagerly await my WordPress statistics email.  I love to see which posts did well and how much my blog has grown over the 12 months.

During 2015 I published 77 posts, receiving 3 times more page views than 2014.

But lets start at the beginning of the year.

family travel blog 2015

My Family Travel Blog in 2015


I kick started the year with a recap of 2014.  Then I caught up on some outstanding posts from our Penang family holiday with a review of the Hard Rock Hotel Penang, then I took you into the Penang Butterfly Farm.


I added another post to my Penang series with a review of Changi Airport.  Then I explained how you could escape the weather extremes with a Spring Break and told you what I learnt when booking flights to Bali.


I finished off the Penang series of posts with a story about our entire family holiday to Penang.  Then I wrote a couple of travel tips posts: How to Have Intimacy and Travel with Kids and Money and Travelling Overseas.  We took a day to explore the Striking Sculptures of the Sea at Cottesloe and then I welcomed my first guest blogger Amanda from Hot Mama Travel who shared with us San Diego with Kids.


The reason back in February I booked flights to Bali was because in late March we travelled there on my first resort sponsored getaway – so excited!!!  I kick started the Bali getaway series with a post about the Divine Devdan Show, I reviewed the swanky Samabe Bali Suites and Villas and then shared how I took my son Lewis for his first ever day spa experience at the Thalasso Bali Spa.


I continued along with my Bali Getaway series with a review of the all-inclusive Grand Mirage Resort, I reviewed our flights with Garuda Airlines and talked about all the things we did as a family for the first time during our Bali Getaway.  I wrapped up the month with a travel tip post on How to Save Money on Holiday at Resorts.


I started the month off with a family day trip to New Norcia.  Then I introduced a new series of posts – Photo Flashbacks – that were published on Fridays.  I took you back to:

Apparently my blog was starting to do well, I received a few sponsored posts through this month 🙂 Whilst being sponsored by some products I shared some travel tips on How to have a Sun Smart HolidayHow I’m Going to Get Cheap Flights, and Tips for Travelling with a Cold.


The Photo Flashback series was being well received Yey!  During this month I took you back to:

I also shared some travel tips for long haul flights and car seats and car hire.  I told you about my favourite family activities to do in Perth, the travel blog link-up parties I use, and our day trip to Whiteman Park.  I also had Matt from Tantrum Travels pop over and share Hawaii with Toddlers.


The month started with Kirralee from Escape with Kids sharing her Top 5 Things to do in Fiji with Kids.  Then I shared with you How to Help the Airline Help You, More Blog Party Link Ups I use, Essential Road Safety Tips, and Tips for First Time Family Travel.  The Photo Flashback series continued with a look at:


I was delighted to be nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by Fairlie from Feet on Foreign Lands.  Then I got back into my Photo Flashback series with:

I also received another guest post, this time from Keri at Baby Globetrotters who shared Abu Dhabi with Young Kids.  Meanwhile I shared with you my Childhood Family Holiday Memories and what it is about Hillarys Boat Harbour that families love.


During the Sept/Oct school holidays we headed to Bali for 2 weeks, so I popped over to Escape with Kids to share Why Travel to Bali with Kids.  I also discussed Why I am Now a Fan of All-Inclusive Resorts, How to Keep Fit Whilst Travelling, 5 Family City Stay Accommodation Must Haves and gave you some Fall Trips and Spring Break Ideas.  In the Photo Flashback series I showed you the:


I wrote a few posts from our family holiday to Bali: A Family Day Out at Bali Safari and Marine Park, my Virgin Australia Flight Review and How to See the Real Bali – there are still more Bali posts to come early in 2016.  In the Photo Flashback series I showed you:

Then I wrote the most popular post for 2015: How to Wash Clothes when Travelling – who knew you guys love to know about doing housework when you travel 😉  I finished off the month with giving you some Christmas Present Ideas for Travellers.


Yes Christmas was looming and I think it must have been getting the better of me as I only wrote 3 posts for the month.  I shared with you More Gift ideas to Enjoy the Outdoors, some Holiday Season Travel Tips and gave you some Nifty Travel Activities for Kids.

travel activities for kids

Nifty Travel Activities for Kids

So what’s in store for 2016?

My Photo Flashbacks will continue to be published fortnightly on Fridays with the alternate Fridays receiving some new series of posts.

Plus I will be launching a whole new travel blog – stay tuned.

But in the meantime please vote for the type of travel posts you would like to read during 2016.

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