Packing List for Family Travel 8

Deciding what to pack can be as daunting as making the initial decision to travel with kids.

You’ll find detailed packing lists for all the family right here.

Scroll down to find the right list for YOU.

Tips on packing for family holiday

But first consider:

  • Where you are going.
  • What activities you have planned.
    • Will you need to take extra equipment eg bike, scooter, ski equipment
  • The type of holiday you are planning eg. relaxation, cycling, skiing etc.
  • The climate.


  • The type of bag you will be using.
  • The number of bags you will be using.
  • How much space or weight you are allocated.


packing list for family

Packing list for a family holiday

I find that I have a packing list for every person travelling and for each person lists within lists.

So you will find a separate list for each section of your packing requirements.

Don’t Forget

Label your bags and pack copies of your documents to help you reunite with your bag in the unlikely situation of your bags going missing.

Please let me know if you would like another packing list added.

Just add a comment and I will respond.

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