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Hi, I’m Sally-Ann Brown the author of Toddlers on Tour and a freelance travel writer.

I love sharing my travel lessons learned to help you have a better family holiday.

I have 20+ years experience in the hospitality and tourism industries, including a year with Ansett Australia as a Flight Attendant, then 5 years with Qantas Airways in Ground Services; plus with a lifetime of varied travel experiences this has all provided me with a wealth of travel tips to share, enabling you to have a better family holiday.

Toddlers on Tour began as a website with static travel tips pages.  In 2014 I began publishing regular travel blog posts about our family travels – showcasing family travel destinations, accommodation reviews and explaining how I use my travel tips and packing lists during our family travels.

Since then my travel blog has grown and I now publish 1-2 new travel blog posts per week drawing on my travel life as inspiration.

My travel life was born at a very young age thanks to my parents who took my younger sisters and I travelling in the caravan at every opportunity – I was born, raised and live in Perth, Western Australia.   As a family we travelled most of Western Australia, from Port Hedland to Albany and everywhere in between.  We took a trip across the Nullarbor and up to Brisbane and also a cruise to Fiji and Vanuatu.

As an adult my love of travel blossomed into a desire to see the world.

At the age of 21 I went on a driving holiday around Australia, I had studied Hospitality which allowed me to easily work and travel.

The Grampians in Victoria

Overlooking the Grampians

Upon my return to Perth I began saving and 2 years later headed off backpacking around Europe for 6 months.

Another year later I was off to Africa for a month.

In my late 20’s I married, we went “down south” to Margaret River each year and a couple of trips to Phuket.  Then we took an opportunity to travel for 3 months to Mediterranean Europe, Egypt and Kenya.

On our return I gained a position as a Flight Attendant with Ansett Australia (travel and work what could be better?)  But the marriage and the airline dissolved (it wasn’t a good year).  It was my love of travel that kept me going.

I decided to go back to study and of course I chose my passion, Tourism.  I graduated from University with a Bachelor of Business with a double major in Tourism and Marketing.

During this time I secured a job with Qantas which allowed me to travel at a more affordable rate.  Thank goodness as I was a poor Uni student with a mortgage.  I visited Alice Springs, Broome, California, Las Vegas, Mexico, Rome, Croatia and London.

It as during this period I met my wonderful partner and we had a beautiful son.

We now travel closer to home due to a young school aged child and my partners business commitments.

As a family we have visited:

Where shall we go next?

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6 thoughts on “All About Me

  • jules

    hi sally, i love your website. also a great blog about your life up until now 🙂
    i have just been reading up on travelling with 6 year olds as we are embarking on a trip to miami and new york
    in december. love the idea of opening presents at intervals along the way. also to pack a sarong at all times, very good idea. thanks , keep up the great work and safe travels.

  • Patricia

    I think that once you’ve had a taste of traveling, you can’t help but be bitten by the travel bug. Traveling is a great reminder that life should be celebrated. 🙂 Think it’s cool that you’ve gone to so many places already!