Tips for Walking with Kids 1

Once you’ve arrived at your destination or accommodation you are likely to be walking out and about a lot.

When walking with kids remember this advice:

  • Toddlers and children will take longer.
  • Dress everyone in appropriate footwear.
  • Strollers are a good option for when toddlers get tired.
    • However, they may be difficult in crowds and on cobbled streets.
    • Yet they are a fantastic way to help carry all your families daily essential items and when your child nods off to sleep.
  • If you have an infant a baby sling/pouch may be a better alternative.
  • For older babies and toddlers consider purchasing a seat backpack.
    • Great for hiking in bushland.
    • Also an easier alternative on cobbled streets.
  • Pack a day trip bag containing spare clothes, snacks, hats and sunscreen.

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