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You will more than likely have all your luggage with you, however you don’t want to be opening suitcases in the middle of the isle floor, so pack a separate small bag.

Tips on Packing for on-board the train:

  • Wear comfortable clothing and layer your clothes for climate changes both on the train and the difference from your home and your destination.

travel flying tips

  • Nappies, wipes (lots), disposable change mats, nappy sacks and spare clothes.
  • Water, milk, formula, dummies and snacks your children like.  Also take food for older members of the family.  A dining car may not be available.
  • Gifts that are wrapped.
    • These only need to be cheap small items eg. small cars, pencils, note books, puzzle books, games, reading book/magazine (don’t choose items with too many pieces or that are too noisy, remember other passengers).
    • The unwrapping adds to the fun and in very small children is another item to play with and keep them occupied.
  • Favourite comfort toy.
    • This is much needed to help them sleep and when they get anxious.
  • Be prepared for delays and take extra of everything.
  • For older children and tweens:
    • Get them their own special on board bag to fill with their own items for which they are responsible.
    • MP3 players, hand held electronic games, Tablet, and DVD players.
    • Don’t forget to pack them treats and gifts as well.

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