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The plane is in the air!  You are now officially flying with kids.  How do you amuse them for the next X amount of hours confined to seat?

There is more to consider than just yourself and you will really need to be on the ball with keeping them entertained whilst not annoying fellow passengers.

Just yelling at them to “sit down” is not enough.

tips for flying with kids

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Tips for coping with kids when on a flight:

  • Feed your baby, toddler or child on take off and landing.
    • This can be milk, water, small snack or a lollie pop.
    • This helps the ears with popping.  If this doesn’t work try: hot/warm towels over the ears (ask the flight attendant), ask your child to blow through their nose if they know how.
  • Ask for the child meal first if service starts prior to it being served.  Then you can eat in peace.
  • Remember cabin crew have an entire aircraft to look after, they will usually offer assistance once they have got the aircraft “fed, watered and comfortable”.  Remember your child is your responsibility!  Don’t ask for assistance during take off, service or landing.
  • Make sure everyone drinks plenty of water.  Flying is dehydrating.
  • Try eating potassium to help prevent cramping eg. bananas.
  • Don’t rely on on-board activities and in-flight entertainment.
    • Bring old and new toys, books, colouring, puzzles and games.
    • Gift wrap your treats (something new for every hour).
    • Bring a favourite toy for comfort
    • However if you can practice the use of wearing headphones before the flight it might help.
  • Explain to your child that his seat is his area and to respect other.  Continue to gently remind your your child through out the flight, this will not only help to keep your child contained but also encourage fellow passengers to be more sympathetic as they will be able to hear you are trying without shouting after the fact.
  • If you are a night flight, change your child into their pyjamas to encourage routine and sleep.
  • Always use the toilets to change your baby’s nappy.  Ask the flight attendant which one has a change table.
  • Be wary of the arm rests.  If you put the arm rest up for more room ensure little fingers are out of the way before putting it back down.  If you are seated next to a stranger and the arm rest is up ask them to advise you if they are putting it down due to safety for your child.

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