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Whilst travelling with a disabled child adds another degree of concern it is still possible to travel with a special needs child.

travel with disabled child

Travelling with a special needs child

Air travel with special needs child

  • When booking flights make sure you request assistance for the airport with your booking.
  • If you have a wheelchair it will be checked in with your luggage and you will be offered an airport wheelchair.
  • If you have an electronic wheelchair check with the individual airline regarding carriage of the chair – sometimes the battery can be an issue.
    • You may need to consider hiring an electric wheelchair at your destination
  • If you have a seeing eye dog speak to the airline about requirements.
  • If taking your medication on-board the flight pack it in 100ml bottles in clear plastic bags and take copies of the script.
  • Take out travel insurance and declare any special needs goods.  Read the fine print.
  • Allow extra time.

Booking accommodation for disabilities

  • Many types of accommodation are disability friendly with ramps and support bars in bathrooms.  You will just need to do a bit more research, check the accommodations website.
  • Remember to make your disability request with your booking.
    • State exactly what your requirements are and why you need them.
    • Request a confirmation email, though most hotels will respond.

Cruising with disabilities

Travel insurance for disabled child

As far as I am concerned travel insurance is must when you travel regardless of how fit and healthy you are.  However if you have a special needs child ensure your child and all equipment is covered in the policy you choose.

  • Read all the fine print to ensure your insurer will cover all your family.
  • Disclose the who has the disability and the type of disability.
  • Disclose any special needs equipment.

Helpful sites for travel with disabled

  • There are several websites available to help plan your holiday.

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