Getting to the Airport with Baby or Kids

You’ve booked your flights with the baby, toddler or kids, now how do you get the whole family with luggage to the airport?

Most airports now have a website to give you all the information you will need about getting there, transiting and leaving the airport.

flying with kids tips

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Advice for getting to the airport with baby, toddler or kids:

  • How are you getting to the airport; at home and at your destination?
    • Taxi,
    • Own car,
    • Car rental,
    • Limo (often provide child restraints),
    • Public transport,
    • Airport shuttle bus,
    • A lift from friends or family
    • Remember to consider how much luggage you have and the legality of child restraints.
  • Consider the parking options available if you are getting a lift or using your own car.
    • Short term parking if you are getting dropped off or picked up.
    • Long term parking if you plan to leave your car at the airport for the duration of your trip.
      • Depending on the length of your holiday, the distance you live from the airport and how much luggage you are taking (remember taxis usually run on gas and the gas tank uses up the boot space) your own car could be a good option.
      • Don’t forget to consider getting from the parked car to the airport.

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