Day Trips

Travel and tourism is not just about getting in the car or hoping on a plane and travelling for hours before arriving at your accommodation where you will spend the next week or two. It also includes day trips. Sometimes these trips are well planned and thought out destinations and sometimes it’s spur of the moment.

Here in Perth we are so lucky with options; a picnic up to the hills in the bush, wine tasting in The Swan Valley, a stroll along the river, or a day at the beach.

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Not sure what to take with you on your day trips check out the “Packing for Day Trips” page.

What You Need to Know about the Perth Santa’s Christmas Carnival 8

We’ve just enjoyed a wonderful day out at the Perth Santa’s Christmas Carnival.  Overall the event was well run with loads of kid friendly activities; but there were just a few things I wish I had known before we attended Santa’s Christmas Carnival at the Claremont Showgrounds. These are the tips and tricks I learned to […]

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Share the Perth Cow Parade

Mustering Up at the Perth Cow Parade. 16

We’ve arrived into Perth’s city centre in the search for cows. Not just any cows, but 40 fibreglass cows decorated by local artists and fashion designers.  These cows are now on display throughout the CBD, East Perth, West Perth and Northbridge until 11th December 2016. Cow Parades are not new phenomenon; New York, Paris and […]

What to Expect at Rottnest Carnivale 6

All the passengers on the Rottnest Fast Ferries breathe a sigh of relief as the deckhand passes through the cabin saying, we’ve made it – 2 minutes to go! It is mid Spring, yet 2016 has been an unseasonable wet and windy year.  Many of us who booked for Rottnest Carnivale months ago would have expected […]

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Ngilgi cave review

Ngilgi Cave: the Original Margaret River Tourist Attraction 14

Before the Margaret River Region became know for its great surf, delicious wines and its yummy tasting Margaret River trails, tourists from Perth use to come down to see the natural 500 000 year old formations of the Margaret River cave system.  The closest of which to explore was Ngilgi Cave (pronounced Nil Ghee). On our […]

Explore the New Elizabeth Quay in Perth 30

There has been much debate about Perth’s new Elizabeth Quay during its construction. 150 000 of soil and clay had been removed from the ancient river bed to make way for the Quay; resulting in blocked traffic, altered road thoroughfares and costing the state $440 million.  During construction of Elizabeth Quay everybody in Perth had […]

Elizabeth Quay

outback splash

How A-Maze-ing is Outback Splash? 28

Many years ago when I was a young teenager my parents took my sisters and I out to The Maze for a family picnic.  I remember the park being quite dry and almost desolate apart from the mazes. But last year when we drove out for a day trip to New Norcia, we went past […]

The Secret Ingredient to Eating Out with Kids 24

I’ve talked about what you need to take when you out with kids before on my Tips for Eating Out with Kids page, I highlight the need to take: Colouring Books E-Tablets Small toys But what happens if you do like we did this weekend and forget to take the activity bag? On Saturday we […]

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Titanic exhibition

Step Back in Time on the Titanic. 24

I don’t know why, but I since I was a young girl have always been intrigued about the Titanic. Perhaps it was that in the 1970’s and early 80’s it was still a mystery as to where Titanic exactly lay; some 3784m (12415 feet) below on the ocean floor after it had sunk in the wee hours […]

What is it about Hillarys Boat Harbour? 11

On a hot summer’s day we were invited to Hillarys Boat Harbour – 22km north of the Perth CBD. We discover why Hillarys keeps drawing locals and tourists here again and again, since 1988. Hillarys Boat Harbour As we enter searching for our friends we notice a lucky few have arrived early to claim a […]

Hillarys boat harbour

Whiteman park

Whiteman Park – on a rainy day 24

It started as a sunny winters day. But just as I pack our picnic basket with one of my easy picnic meal ideas – the grey clouds start to roll back in. We choose to be unwavering. What will happen to our picnic at Whiteman Park? It takes us just over half an hour to reach […]