Clothing Packing List for Everyone 4

When choosing items of clothing to pack you will need to take into account:

  • The destinations,
  • The climate
  • What activities you have planned eg.
    • Hiking
    • Swimming
    • Skiing
    • Walking
    • Business meetings
    • Special Events
  • How long you are travelling = How much to pack
    • I find that if I am travelling anything less than a week I pack enough clothes to get me through the entire time with no washing required.
    • For a trip up to 2 weeks I allow for 1 or 2 trips to the laundrette.
    • For long term travel I only pack for a maximum of 4 days
      • Long term travel you are usually limited with the amount you can carry
      • You move onto the next location within a few days (no-one will see you in the same clothes twice anyway)
      • I hand wash underwear and T-shirts (pack laundry soap or similar) and once a week head to the laundrette to wash everything.

You will need to pack a set of each of these clothes for each person travelling.


A travel packing list for clothing when going on holiday.

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A Clothing Packing List

The best tip I can give you is choose mix and match items, to give you as many outfits with the fewest possible clothes.

  • The travel outfit.
    • Make sure it’s loose fitting and comfortable.
    • Take a light jumper as aeroplanes, buses and trains can get chilly – don’t expect that there will be enough blankets to go around.
  • Underwear and socks.
    • Enough to rotate through the wash.
  • Footwear –
    • Walking shoes/sports shoes
    • Dress shoes
    • Thongs/flip flops
    • Sandals/all terrain shoe that are suitable for the water
      • You may be able to use these instead of the walking shoes and thongs (2 shoes in 1
      • I bought a nice looking pair of all terrain sandals recently that even look OK with my evening skirt.
      • Consider the topography of the destination eg. cobbled streets or 3rd world pot holed streets
  • Day wear
    • T-shirts or top
    • Shorts, 3/4 Pants, long pants/jeans
    • Skirt/dress or trousers (to dress up for dinner)
      • I take a skirt (even when I’m backpacking) that goes with my T-shirts and then I feel a bit smarter when I go out for dinner
    • Jacket, jumper, pashmina (even if you are travelling to a warm climate to one just in case)
      • Consider the weather
      • Consider what you will be doing.
        • Sightseeing or visiting friends.
        • Hiking, walking or sitting in a car.
      • Consider how easy these items are to launder.
      • Coordinate to mix and match clothing.
  • Dress outfit.
    • Have at least one nice skirt/dress or pair of trousers and top/shirt to wear to dinner with the appropriate shoes.
  • Special activity gear
    • Water/swimming gear, I have a full swimming packing lists HERE
      • Hat, swimming costume, thongs/terrain shoes.
    • Ski Clothes
      • Thermals, gloves, Jacket
  • Accessories
    • Jewellery
    • Watch
    • Belts
    • Scarfs
    • Gloves
    • Hat
  • Baby and Toddler extras
    • I have a full list of all the baby paraphernalia that you need to pack HERE

More Travel Packing Lists

Of course you need more than just your clothes packed when you travel; here are some more travel packing lists

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4 thoughts on “Clothing Packing List for Everyone

  • Lyn@The Travelling Lindfields

    Honestly, I think packing is the hardest part of any holiday. I always manage to take a ton of clothes and then only wear a fraction of them. It isn’t too bad if you can predict the weather but we go to a lot of places where it can be really hot one day and really cold the next. Right now we’re in Alaska and there is a heat wave.

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      Packing for 2 climates Lyn is the trickiest in keeping the packing list down – think about layering – that way some clothes only get used for the warm climates but become the underneath layers in cold climates.

  • The Family Voyage

    We find that traveling light makes life easier when we go off with our little ones. One big travel backpack for each adult, and a small carryon for each kid. I’ve started making a travel capsule wardrobe for myself for every trip to minimize what I pack! I even have a post up on my blog to help get you started 🙂