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Flying with kids can seem scary.  So when booking airfares for the entire family think about the following:

flying with kids tips

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Tips for booking flights with kids

  • Consider the pros and cons when deciding to fly with a full service verses low cost carrier.
    • If you choose a low cost carrier remember to book everything before you travel including luggage allowance and food as you will pay extra at the airport.
    • No matter which airline you travel remember to pre-book special meals, bassinets, and assistance required at the airport.  It is too late to organise once you get there.
  • Book all the family together, if your travel arrangements have been made separately contact the airline directly and inform them you are a group travelling together.
  • If you have a young baby under 6 months request a bassinet.
  • Choose a flight time that matches in with sleep/nap times.
  • Request a child’s meal for each fare paying child.
    • Do not leave this until check-in as you will not get your meal request.
    • This also goes for any other special meal requests you require.
  • Note down all reference numbers.
  • Consider whether to use a car seat for the flight.  This must be pre-booked and you will have to purchase a seat for the car seat.
  • If you are a sole parent travelling and/or have long distances to cover during transit request an assistance cart to help.  This must be done prior to travel.
  • If your child is under 2 years consider whether it might be worth the cost of purchasing a seat for the guarantee of more space and more luggage allowance.

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2 thoughts on “Booking air travel with kids

  • Valent Lau

    We first travelled overseas when DS was 4 months old. Even though we booked a bassinet and prebooked our seats apparently it wasn’t guaranteed, and we got bumped from those seats. I rebooked the right seats online and again it happened. Twice more. Only at the checkin counter could I get those seats back. No idea why it happened.

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      The problem with those bulk head seats for the bassinet Valent is that they are very popular. Generally the frequent flyer businessmen really like them and they often have a high rating loyalty card allowing them to choose which seat they prefer. You were very lucky to get the seats back.