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It’s not something any parent really wants to do.  But sometimes you just have to.

Send the kids … flying … alone … without you.

It’s scary for you.  It’s scary for them.  And even a bit scary for the trusted person collecting them at the other end.

So let’s look at some tips to help ease that anxiety for all of you.

Tips kids flying solo

Tips for Kids Flying Alone

  1. Check the airline’s charter on “unaccompanied minors” – that’s the industry term.
  2. Explain to your child exactly what will happen during each stage of the flight.
    • At check-in your child may be given some form of identification to be worn.
    • During the flight they will have a designated flight attendant to help them – but also remind your child, the flight attendant has lots of other passengers as well.
    • When the flight lands they will be last off the flight and the flight attendant will take them to either the person collecting them or another ground staff member.
    • The adult collecting your child will have to sign papers and show identification.
  3. Create a contingency plan if something goes wrong eg. “go to the people in uniform at the desk and ask for help, I have put my phone number here”.
  4. Explain the procedure to the person collecting your child.
    • Let them know that your child will be last off the plane
    • That they will have to sign that they have collected your child.
    • Remember this procedures works for the return flight as well so you will have to show identification and sign to collect your child as well.
  5. Pack your child’s bag with them and their carry-on hand-luggage so they know what snacks and activities they have.  Also include your contact details in the bag – tell your child where they are.
  6. Finally remind the person collecting your child AND yourself not to get annoyed with the formalities.

All these procedures are in place to keep your child as safe as possible at the airport and during the flight.

If you want more tips for flying with kids click HERE.

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8 thoughts on “Kids Flying Alone

  • EssentiallyJess

    My eldest has flown once by herself, and it was a little nerve-racking. Thankfully she was flying home to me; I think it would have been different if she was having to leave. She did ok, but I wouldn’t rush to do it again. I just don’t like the thoughts of them being alone if they don’t have to be.

  • Lyn (aka) The Travelling Lindfields

    I once sent my 14 year old son as an unaccompanied minor. We were in Austria and he was flying from Sydney to meet us. Even though he was old enough to negotiate a lot by himself he had to change planes at Heathrow. Heathrow was, and probably still is, an absolute nightmare. The terminal through which he had to go was undergoing renovations and security was ultra-tight. I am the worrying kind so I paid to have him flown as an ‘unaccompanied minor’. Probably because he was not a young child he was not looked after brilliantly – and I’m not blaming anyone here. Before we left Australia, I impressed upon him that I didn’t care if he turned up stark naked having forgotten to pack anything as long as he didn’t lose his passport. Guess what he nearly lost at Heathrow! He was taken to the business lounge to wait for his connection alone and dropped it on the floor. Luckily he found it just before his flight was called. I still remember the enormous relief when he walked off the flight at Vienna. I had spent days and days getting very little sleep terrified he would be lost in transit like some Australia Post package never to be found again. Anyone who has to send young children alone on flights has my sympathy.