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Our aim at Toddlers on Tour is to give you the best family travel tips to ensure YOU have a great holiday.

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Top 5 Family Travel tips

Family Travel Tip 1: Remember that you are now a family and not just a couple (or single).  Don’t look at those adult only resorts thinking you will just sneak your little ones in.  Staff and other guests will turn their noses up at you the entire time and your children will not be adequately entertained resulting in a terrible time had by all.

Family Travel Tip 2: When planning your holiday take into account the age of your children, their routines, and their individual personalities.

Family Travel Tip 3: For babies and young toddlers try to stick to their routine for eating and sleeping.  Schedule in a family rest during nap time or take the opportunity to take turns where one of you gets to go off to do your own thing eg: visit a day spa, hit the gym or a drink at the bar.

Family Travel Tip 4: If you are changing time zones try to keep to your home time if possible.  Does it matter if you are eating breakfast at 10am, lunch at 4pm and your toddler is still running around at 10pm at your destination, when at home it’s only 6pm.

Family Travel Tip 5: Read the following pages; all offering tips and advice for travel with kids.

Make sure you have read the information before booking your travel.

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