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There are plenty of tips out on there on the Internet giving you advice on how to fly with baby, or taking a road trip with your baby.  You’ll even find some on this website 🙂

But where do you start when planning your first family holiday?

Stay with me and I will show you how to plan you holiday, find accommodation, take that road trip or flight with kids and pack for your first time family travel.

First time family travel

Steps for First Time Family Travel

1. Research and Plan you Family Holiday

Take your time with planning you family holiday and research the hell out of it.  Research your destination, accommodation, flights, road trips and things to do.

My family travel tips page on Research and Planning Travel with Kids will give you all the tips and advice to plan your family holiday.

first time family travel

2. Choose the Right Accommodation

Then look at all the accommodation options at your preferred destination.  Remember it’s your holiday, don’t just go by what friends and family say; take into account what you need and want from your accommodation.

My family travel tips page on Choosing Family Accommodation for Kids will help you to decide which is the best accommodation option for you.

first time family travel

Lil Rock Suite at Hard Rock Hotel Penang

3. Getting to Your destination

As you have begun to discover going anywhere with a little person is like doing a major military manoeuvre – oh the things you now need to walk down the street.  Imagine going on a flight or a road trip.  Don’t worry take it step by step and it will all come together in no time.

My getting there travel tips page on Flying with Kids Tips will break down every part of the flying experience from choosing the airline, booking flights, getting to the airport and coping with being on-board the flight with a young child.

Another getting there travel tips page is Road Trip Tips with Kids which will help you to create an itinerary, pack the car and keep your child entertained for the duration of the journey.

first time family travel

4. What to Pack for Family Travel

As if it’s not enough the amount you have to pack for a visit to your friends and family.  Now you want to pack enough stuff to go on a family holiday for a week or two.

Well I love packing lists so I have created loads of them to share with you.  There are lists for babies, toddlers, kids, adults, clothing, toiletries, medical supplies, swimming, and handy things to have.  You’ll find a separate list for each topic under Packing List for Family Travel.

first time family travel

5. Family Travel Essentials

Before you head off on that long-awaited family holiday make sure you have ticked off and done all the travel essentials:

  • you have the correct documents and copies
  • you have taken out travel insurance
  • you have completed any medical checks.

For more details on these visit my family travel tips page on Family Travel Essentials – what you need to know.

first time family travel

If there is any more advice you require please ask me in the comments.

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first time family travel

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