Boarding the plane with kids

You’ve bought the tickets, made it to the airport, checked-in, now you have to get the kids settled for the flight.

tips for flying with kids

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Tips for getting settled on a flight with kids

  • Strollers
    • If it’s a small umbrella style you may be able to take it on board.
    • If not ensure to hand it over at the beginning of boarding, you don’t want it left behind, and wrap it in your garbage bag with a luggage tag on the outside of the bag.
  • Either take advantage of early boarding to get yourselves sorted before everyone else boards.  Or else board last to reduce the amount of time on board.  You know your children best and will be the best judge of what to do.
  • Before stowing your hand luggage ensure everyone has a book or activity, headphones, and a drink/food in the seat pocket before take off.  You can’t get these out of the overhead locker during your assent and sometimes the cabin crew start service as soon as the seat belt sign is switched off.
  • If you have a young baby sitting on your lap insist on a lap belt that loops onto yours.
  • Ask for pillows and blankets – don’t wait until later there may not be any left.

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