Check-in at the airport

When flying with kids there are some points to consider when checking your family in at the airport:

tips for flying with kids

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Tips for checking-in when flying with kids:

  • If you’ve got a good travel agent they will pre-order your seats with your booking.
  • Use the Internet check-in the night before if possible.
    • This will allow for a better choice in seating.
    • The bulkhead is a popular choice as it allows young children to play on the floor whilst not annoying those in front, however usually the armrests of these seats cannot be raised for your child to sleep across the seat. Sleeping on the floor of the aircraft is usually not allowed for safety reasons.
  • Allow plenty of time at the airport.
  • Keep your stroller until boarding if possible if not ask if a loan stroller is available.
  • When checking in your pram fold down or disconnect all the protruding parts (this reduces the chance of damage).  Pack the pram into a large plastic bag (take large tough garbage bags or purchase one from a baby supply store), the luggage hold can get quite dirty.
  • Get the children to run off energy, have some games to play eg treasure hunt.
  • Go to the bathroom and change nappies before boarding.

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