Packing for the Day Walking with Kids 1

So your heading out for a day trip at your destination and you’re walking with the kids.

Don’t just head out the door!

Stop and take some goodies with you.  It may seem a lot but you’ll be thankful.

I have a full list of items to pack for a day trip HERE

Tips for packing for a day walking with kids

When you are packing for day trip where you will be out walking with the kids consider these points

  • Take the pram if your toddler is likely to tire.
  • Choose a bag that is comfortable to carry such as a small backpack (unless you have the pram you can hook it onto).
  • Wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear.
  • Layer your clothing for climate changes during the day.
  • Pack nappies, wipes, disposable change mats, nappy sacks and spare clothes for all young children.
  • Take water, milk, formula, dummies, and snacks your child likes.
    • Also take water and food for all older members of the family.
  • Remember your child’s favourite comfort toy.
    • This is need to help them sleep and when they get anxious.
  • If you are in a warm climate take a hat, sunscreen and swimwear for all.  Actually take these if your in the snow as well.
  • For older children and tweens get them their own special daypack to fill with their own goodies.

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