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I (Sally-Ann Brown) from Toddlers on Tour have been fortunate enough to be published by others who want to let you know about my travel tips for travel with kids.

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Articles written for publications (print or online) by Sally-Ann Brown.

Penang.  Published in “Out and About with Kids”, Winter Issue 2015 p.122-123.


Guest posts and snippets

Articles or segments written by Sally-Ann Brown from Toddlers on Tour.

17 Unbelievable Hidden Gems for Family Travel.  Posted by “Baby Globetrotters” on 19 October 2016.

Things to do in Fremantle with kids.  Posted by “Our Globetrotters” on 21 August 2016.

Finding the Real Bali.  Posted by “Bali Kids Guide” on 1 June 2016.

7 Epic Road Trips.  Posted by “Baby Globetrotters” on 19 May 2016.

6 Intriguing Destinations for Ultimate Family Relaxation.  Posted by “Baby Globetrotters” on 18 April 2016.

14 Amazing Educational Family Travel Experiences.  Posted by “Baby Globetrotters” on 7 March 2016.

8 Best beaches for family Travel.  Posted by “Baby Globetrotters” on 5 December 2016.

My Top Things to do in Perth with Kids.  Posted by “Kids on Board” on 12 November 2015.

10 Best Cities for Family Travel.  Posted by “Baby Globetrotters” on 2 November 2015.

How to Choose a Family Holiday Destination.  Posted by “Kids on Board” on 2 September 2015.

Families Outside – An Interview with Toddlers on Tour.  Posted by “Hey Miss Adventures on 31 August 2015.

Why Travel to Bali with Kids.  Posted by “Escape with Kids” on 28 August 2015

Perth with Kids.  Posted by “Our Globetrotters” on 24 August 2015

How to Travel with Young Kids.  Posted by “Her Collective” on 24 June 2015

Don’t Stop the Learning.  Posted by “School Days Magazine” on 3 March 2015

Western Australia with Babies and Toddlers.  Posted by “Kiddy Holidays” on 16 August 2014

5 Cheap Kids Activities to do in Perth.  Posted by “Babies and Toddlers Directory” on 9 October 2013

3 Steps to your First Family Holiday.  Posted by “Baby Button” on 22 May 2013

5 Things to Avoid when Travelling with Kids.  Posted by “The Parenting Files” on 16 April 2013

Tips for choosing Family Accommodation.  Posted by “Babies and Toddlers Directory” on 5 February 2013

Day Trips with Toddlers.  Posted by “Family Travel Source” on 25 January 2013

Packing for Kids on a Flight: Tips for Hand Luggage.  Posted by “Attipas” on 7 January 2013

Top 5 Items to Pack for Toddlers.  Posted by “Itchee Feet” on 26 November 2012


Articles re-posted


Kota Kinabalu with Kids. Reposted by “Cool Kidz Cool Trips” on 30 March 2013

Kota Kinabalu with Kids.  Reposted by “Travelling Vicariously” on 24 March 2013

Kids flying solo.  Repost by “Travel Weekly” on 26 October 2012



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A Visit to Kerala in Monsoon.  Posted by Anisha Pillai on 4 July 2013.

Children friendly websites.  Posted by “Children Friendly Holidays” on 10 February 2013.


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