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Looking Forward to Santa’s Christmas Carnival in Perth 1

Gosh, in only a few short weeks it will be Christmas. To add to our family’s Christmas enthusiasm we have discovered Santa’s Christmas Carnival held in Perth at the Claremont Showgrounds on 11 December 2016.  Our tickets are ordered and once inside Santa’s Christmas Carnival all the rides and activities are included. What we expect to see and […]

Santa's Christmas Carnival social media share

Tips for flying with toddler on a family holiday.

5 Travel Tips for Flying With A Toddler 1

This is a Guest Sponsored Post from If travelling by plane with your toddler sparks terrifying mental scenarios, then you’re not alone. A lot of parents I know avoid travelling with their kids because they worry that their child might cause trouble while they’re 30,000+ feet in the air. However, a lot of travelling parents […]

Should You Use an Online Travel Agency Like

This is a guest sponsored post by Back then, whenever I wanted to book a flight, I remember driving to town to visit our local travel agent. Driving there, waiting in line, and asking the travel agent to look for available flights took me about 50 minutes to an hour, depending on the availability […]

The pros and cons of booking travel with an online agency

Sydney on the cheap

How to do Sydney on the Cheap 15

This post is in collaboration with TFE Hotels Exploring capital cities especially ones as popular as Sydney can become expensive.  So how can you see Sydney on the cheap and still enjoy all that this beautiful city has to offer? 6 Ways to do Sydney on the Cheap It’s all about location Start with choosing […]

The Benefits of Serviced Apartments vs Hotels for City Stays

This post is in collaboration with Sebel Serviced Apartments Sydney. At the moment I am loving our family holidays staying at nice resorts.  But when it comes to city stays – well you just don’t get all those extras in a city resort; there’s no kids club, no water park and quite often the hotel […]

apartments vs hotels

family outdoors

How to Get Your Family Outdoors 10

This post is sponsored by Anaconda: pay less to play more. The weather is finally cooling down or warming up – depending on where you are.  With this milder weather it is time to make the most of it and get outdoors. Thanks to Anaconda’s one stop shop for: outdoor, adventure and sporting, I found some great […]

Looking for a bit of Fun in the Snow? 14

This post is sponsored by Family Travel Forum and Taking the Kids As many of you know I am a sun loving Aussie.  I grew up in sunny Perth, Western Australia which meant I never got to see snow.  As a result I have never ventured to the snow for a holiday due to my […]

family snow holiday

travel activities

Nifty Travel Activities for Kids 6

This post is sponsored by Artline Stix When I’m packing for kids for our family travels I am always short on space.  So I am always on the look out for travel activities that have more than one function. So which products have I found to be the best. 3 Top Travel Activities for Kids […]

More Gift Ideas to Enjoy the Outdoors this Holiday Season 24

This post is sponsored by Anaconda. Summer is here!  So it is a great time to start enjoying the outdoors. We are blessed living in this beautiful country of Australia being able to participate in fun activities like: camping, hiking, cycling, fishing, and all types of sports – water or land based. So what do […]

gift ideas for the outdoors

wash clothes when travelling

How to Wash Clothes when Travelling 22

The product for this post has been supplied by Scrubba Wash Bags Keeping your clothes fresh and washed while travelling is always a struggle. 20 years ago when I was backpacking I had to hand wash my clothes in a communal sink nightly, when I went camping for some reason I always end up with […]