5 Travel Tips for Flying With A Toddler 1

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Tips for flying with a toddler on a family holiday.

If travelling by plane with your toddler sparks terrifying mental scenarios, then you’re not alone. A lot of parents I know avoid travelling with their kids because they worry that their child might cause trouble while they’re 30,000+ feet in the air.

However, a lot of travelling parents swear on taking your kid — especially your toddler — along with you on your trip. According to them, the benefits of travelling with children far outweigh the drawbacks.

Yes, it may be exhausting, and your patience may run empty more often than you’d want to admit, but trust me when I say that a single, memorable trip could positively affect your child’s personality in the long run. Today, with the help of online travel agency JustFly.com, we will give you tips on how to make flying with children a lot easier.

Tip #1: Pack everything you need, and bring some extras

Tips for flying with a toddler on a family holiday.

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When flying with a toddler, make sure to bring all the things that your child may need. This includes bottles, formulas, diapers, napkins, a light blanket, and some clothing. And don’t shy away from bringing some extras, especially nappies and clothes.

Aside from that, bring plenty of plastic bags. I have proven these to be quite useful whenever my young one gets nauseous and feels the need to throw up. Also, these bags can be used to store soiled clothes, food wrappings, and dirty diapers. The ones you get from grocery stores are so small, they virtually take zero space in your carry-on.

Tip #2: Carry dry, easy to eat snacks

Tips for flying with a toddler on a family holiday.

Biscuits, chips, nuts (if your child isn’t allergic), and small pieces of candy can save you lots of money. Instead of buying the food sold on-board, packing these small snacks can save you a fortune. You can also include some dried fruits like raisins and apricots.

Pack them in a resealable bag a day before your flight and put them inside your carry-on bag. Pull them out whenever you deem necessary. Be careful not to overdo it, though, because kids on a “sugar high” are a tougher challenge to handle.

Tip #3: Book from a website that allows you to choose seats

Tips for flying with a toddler on a family holiday.

A lot of airlines and online travel agencies like JustfFly.com allow you choose your seats when you do your booking via the website. If your child is under 2 years old, you are not required to purchase a separate seat. However, if your kid gets particularly frisky, having them sit still on your lap will eventually tire you down.

Hence, I highly recommend that you buy a separate seat. If your budget allows, avail a car seat for your toddler.

Additional tip: If the airline features an online check-in, use it to reduce the time you spend waiting in line at the airport.

Tip #4: Pack some toys/gadgets

Tips for flying with a toddler on a family holiday.

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Instead of paying extra for the in-flight entertainment for your child, why not bring your own? A tablet loaded with child-friendly games and some small plastic toys can help keep your child from squirming around their seat.

My technique was to pack a bunch of different toys in a bag. Whenever my kid behaved well for an hour — this meant no crying and kicking — I pull out a different toy out of my “reward pack” and give it to him as a surprise.

Tip #5: Expect the unexpected

Tips for flying with a toddler on a family holiday.

No matter how cute or well-behaved your child is, when they’re strapped onto a seat inside an almost-claustrophobic cabin, there is always a possibility for them to start crying for no reason. When this happens, just relax! Take a deep breath and do what you think is possible to calm them down. Don’t scold them — or worse, scream back at them — as this could only aggravate the situation and make those around you even more uncomfortable.

Moreover, you are bound to encounter some passengers that simply dislike being around children. Never mind their judging looks. Just focus on keeping your child and yourself as comfortable as possible for the entire duration of the flight.

When planned properly, flying with kids can be almost as hassle-free as flying alone. All it takes is some preparation and a bit of strategy. Don’t forgo your next holiday, go out there and enjoy the world with your kid. By the end of your trip, both of you will be rewarded with fond memories and new experiences.

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