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Exploring capital cities especially ones as popular as Sydney can become expensive.  So how can you see Sydney on the cheap and still enjoy all that this beautiful city has to offer?

Sydney on the cheap

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6 Ways to do Sydney on the Cheap

It’s all about location

Start with choosing the right accommodation for you in the right location.  Being close to attractions will save you not only money but also time with getting about in Sydney.

TFE Hotels have a range of accommodation in Sydney from the high-end Rendezvous Hotels to the more budget friendly Travelodge plus apartment options with Adina and Medina Serviced Apartments.  Each of these hotel chains offers great locations for family friendly accommodation in Sydney.

Sydney on the cheap

TFE Hotel location in Sydney

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Take a stroll

The beauty of basing yourself in a great central location means that you can walk to many of Sydney’s iconic tourist attractions.

When we were in Sydney with a toddler a few years back we relished just walking along the Sydney harbour front taking in the Sydney Harbour Bridge from all vantage points.

On previous trips to Sydney I’ve wandered around Paddington Markets and colonial The Rocks area and just enjoyed historic buildings like the QVB (Queen Victoria Building – a beautiful historic shopping mall).

Sydney on the cheap

You don’t have to do a tour

Sydney’s iconic attractions all offer tours: the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, the Sydney Opera House tour and Sydney Harbour Cruises.  However you don’t have to take a tour to see these beautiful places.

You can walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge for free, you just don’t get views from the same height.

Meander about the Sydney Opera House at your leisure.  You still see the stunning arches, pretty tiles that adorn this famous landmark and can wander about the public areas inside; you just miss a little bit of the story which you can read about online and of course you don’t get to see inside any of the theatres.  By the way, each tour is different and depending on performances that are currently running you don’t necessarily get to see everything anyway.

Instead of taking a Sydney Harbour Cruise tour take a ferry for a fraction of the cost, you will see much the same things but just without the commentary.

Sydney on the cheap

Sydney Opera House

Use public transport

Sydney offers an extensive ferry service throughout the Darling Harbour waterways, plus there are buses and trains to take you to the outer Sydney suburbs.

When I’m travelling I always find public transport offers a much more viable way to explore a destination.  I get to see how the locals live, the timetables offer flexibility, plus it is less stressful than navigating traffic and often cheaper than taxi or hire car.

Sydney on the cheap

Make use of what you’ve got

Something I have discovered now that I have a child is that I have now become a member of our local city’s zoo and science museum.  With these passes I can also use them in other states of Australia and other cities around the world.

Check out what your passes for local attractions also entitle you to enter.  You may find that entering Taronga Zoo Sydney and the Museum of Sydney suddenly is free.

If you don’t have these passes just do a bit more research, for example whilst doing research for this article I stumbled upon the Rocks Discovery Museum that is not only family friendly but also free.  This link tool for Destination NSW may help in your search for cheap things to do in Sydney.

Fully immerse yourself in the natural beauty

Finally Sydney is just a beautiful city, make use of all the lovely park lands doted about and pack a picnic – it doesn’t have to be extravagant (I’ve got some simple picnic meal ideas HERE) and just sit in the parks for a meal.

Not only do you get to enjoy the view, but the kids can run around at will without annoying anyone including you and it is a much more affordable way to eat out than sitting in a restaurant.

Sydney on the cheap

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So Sydney has now just got a whole lot cheaper to explore for your next getaway or family holiday to Sydney.

Have you got any tips on how to do Sydney on the cheap?

Please share them in the comments.

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15 thoughts on “How to do Sydney on the Cheap

  • Clare (Suitcases and Sandcastles)

    Fantastic tips! Travelling can be expensive and so we’re always looking for great alternatives to the often pricey, tourist tour – usually a better experience too, in my opinion! Love the idea of the ferry instead of the boat tour. Think you can do something similar in New York and Lisbon. We’re also big fans of public transport and picnics in parks. My kids particularly love getting buses when we’re in new cities. #TheWeeklyPostcard

  • Anda

    Sydney is one of my unaccomplished dreams. I wanted to go there for so long and the closest I could make it was in the airport, changing planes on my way to New Caledonia. Great tips for seeing the city on the cheap.

  • Ruth

    You have touched some of the principles I use to keep my trips at an affordable cost. I like to stay near the center of town. It may cost a little bit more but you will not have to spend money moving around. Plus, it will save you precious time. I also do not consider necessary going on tours (more if you are on a limited budget). The city is pretty enough to walk and do your own thing.

  • Amila @Leisure and Me

    These are great tips for save money on travel,not only in Sydney but in any destination.I guess selection of hotel can play a major roll on the cost.If we add few free attractions into the travel plan,that would be great too.

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