Family Travel Essentials – What you need to know. 3

A concise look at what you need to do before you travel with kids from having the right documentation, using a reputable booking agent, health issues, entry requirements, money and travel insurance.

When travelling with children you need to be prepared so when packing for family travel consider the following family travel essentials:

  • Documents

    • Tickets including e-ticket printout
    • Accommodation confirmation
    • Travel insurance
    • Passports are up to date and with sufficient blank pages.  Go to for more passport tips.
    • If you are separated, divorced or your children have different surnames than you; then take copies of:
      • documentation or letter from the absent parent authorising you to take your child
      • separation, divorce or custody decree papers
      • court order granting guardianship of the child
      • birth certificates.
    • Visas
    • International certificate of vaccination (if required)
    • International drivers license (if required)
    • Make 3 copies of all these take 2 sets with you (this where you should pack them), give a set to a reliable family member at home and email a copy to yourself.

Travel with Kids

  • Booking Travel

    • Use a reputable travel agency or online agency
    • If on line check that the https:// is in the search bar and/or a green lock symbol
    • If using a travel agent ensure they are accredited eg. ATAS
  • Health

    • Get a doctors check up
    • Take extra medications and have a doctors certificate for them
    • Vaccinations.  Go to to see what vaccinations you require for your destination.
  • Entry requirements for your destination and transit stops

    • Visa requirements.
      • To see what visa requirements you need go to smart traveller then choose the appropriate embassy.
      • If you are going to the USA then you will need to complete a 1-94W for the “Visa Waiver Program” go to click embassies, then click US entry requirements.
      • Check the entry requirements of your destination if your child is on a parents passport.
    • Embargos (countries not recommended for travel).  Go to smart traveller then choose the appropriate embassy.
  • Money

    • Take a credit or debit card with your own money deposited into the account.
      • If you take money out on credit you will incur high interest charges.
    • Take a small amount of currency of the country you are travelling into.
      • Take small notes to purchase tickets for trains, buses and taxis needed on arrival.
    • Ensure you retain enough local currency to pay any departure taxes on leaving the country.
      • Go to smart traveller then choose the appropriate embassy to see if this applies.
  • Get travel insurance!!!

    • I cannot stress this enough.
    • No matter how detailed you travel plans are, there is always a chance that something can go wrong. That is why getting travel insurance is essential! Travel insurance can assist you and your family in situations such as a medical emergency, lost or stolen luggage or sudden cancellations to your travel plans.
    • One such travel insurance is Fast Cover Travel Insurance (sponsored) stands out because they offer simple family travel insurance policies.
      • You get unlimited cover for medical expenses, hospital expenses and cancellations.
      • Your kids (children under the age of 21 and not in full time employment) are insured for FREE when travelling with you
      • Up to 10 kids can be covered for free
      • 44 pre-existing medical conditions are also automatically covered, including Diabetes and Coeliac Disease.
      • You can get a Family Travel Insurance policy which covers you and your children. There is only one policy number to remember and take with you, but everyone gets the same level of cover.
      • You get 24/7 access by phone to the Allianz Global Assistance Team, wherever you are in the world.
    • When you travel as a family make sure you have insurance that will cover you in emergency situations, including medical emergencies, travel cancellations and lost or stolen luggage.
    • Take the time to compare travel insurance policies to make sure you get a level of cover that is right for you and your family.
  • Talk to your kids before your travel.

  • Upset tummies when travelling with kids:

    • If you have experienced problems before seek medical advise before you leave.
    • Pack plastic zip lock bags for emergencies and spare clothes.
    • Secure sea bands, these are available from pharmacies and camping stores.  If they are too large for your child take them in with a few stitches.
    • Avoid empty stomachs, eat a light snack and drink water.
    • Avoid fruit, juices and fatty foods.
    • Get some fresh air, open windows or turn the vent on full towards your child.
    • Look out at the horizon.
    • Encourage a nap.
    • Distract them with games (this is the one I find works the best).
    • Do you have any other ideas?

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