Talking Travelling

There’s lots of new things always happening in the travel and tourism industry:
* New products
* New attractions opening
* Airlines or cruise lines offering new itineraries
* New travel gadgets on offer.

Plus I’m always coming up with new ways to share my tips and advice for travel with kids.

Come and explore what’s being talked about in the world of family travel.

How to Choose a Travel Stroller 6

It is the end of our family holiday to Penang with a toddler.  As I pack up our hotel room I glance over at the pram sitting patiently in the corner – where it has been all holiday – waiting to be used.  I wondered, “Do we still need to bring a pram on holiday?” […]

Trave tips on choosing a travel stroller

Taking a car seat on a plane

The Pros and Cons of Flying with a Car Seat 4

It’s a hot topic on the family travel forums.  Should I take a car seat on a flight when flying with a child? There are no rules and regulations as to whether you have to use a car seat for your baby, toddler or child on a flight.  It all just comes down to, what […]

Recapping 2016: My Year in Family Travel Blogging 8

As 2016 draws to a close I find it is time to reflect, rejoice and set goals for the forth coming year. In 2015 Toddlers on Tour had over 30 000 pageviews (twice that of the previous year).  My aim is always to continue to grow, phew I did 🙂  with 55000 page views in 2016 […]

review of 2016 family travel blogging

travel gifts for kids

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Who Travel 11

Tis the season to be giving. But what presents are you going to buy the kid who travels or is about to embark on their first ever family holiday. Here are my top picks for Christmas gifts for the kid who travels. 7 Travel Gifts for Kids. When you travel with kids there are some […]

6 Types of Family Holiday Accommodation 8

When planning your family holiday there are so many decisions to be made: Where to go? When to travel? How to get there? Which type of family accommodation to choose? Oh there are so many different types, how do you know which one to choose? So let’s break it down to help you make a decision by looking […]

family holiday accommodation

Tips for flying with toddler on a family holiday.

5 Travel Tips for Flying With A Toddler 1

This is a Guest Sponsored Post from If travelling by plane with your toddler sparks terrifying mental scenarios, then you’re not alone. A lot of parents I know avoid travelling with their kids because they worry that their child might cause trouble while they’re 30,000+ feet in the air. However, a lot of travelling parents […]

Should You Use an Online Travel Agency Like

This is a guest sponsored post by Back then, whenever I wanted to book a flight, I remember driving to town to visit our local travel agent. Driving there, waiting in line, and asking the travel agent to look for available flights took me about 50 minutes to an hour, depending on the availability […]

The pros and cons of booking travel with an online agency

Use my pre-travel checklist before you travel.

Stave Off Anxiety with a Checklist Before You Travel 8

Do you ever have that sinking feeling as you walk out the door for your family holiday that you have forgotten to do something? If only you had ticked off a checklist before you travel instead of wondering: Is the oven left on? Are the taps turned off? You pat your pockets to check you […]

Travel Tips for Flying with Baby 8

Remember those carefree days when you were single with no infant in tow and you would board a flight – then you would see it. A baby!  Oh crap, you think, there goes my peaceful flight. Time has passed – you’ve matured, grown up, and got your own baby…that you want to take on a […]

Tips for flying with baby

extras I add packing with kids

The Extras I Add to Packing with Kids 17

In the lead up to our next family holiday with kids, I am starting to prepare by purchasing all the extras I need to pack for travel with kids. I start by creating a list of my son Lewis’s favourite snacks, activities and medical essentials. My lists for extras I add to packing with kids […]