Transit stops when flying with kids

Great a transit stop!

What do you do with the kids at the airport?

When you have a transit stop scheduled in your flight itinerary do some research online and check the layout and facilities of the airport.

transit stops with kids

Advice for transit stops when flying with kids:

  • How you will be able to handle your luggage and children.
    • You may or may not get your stroller from the baggage handlers.
    • Not all airports offer hand luggage trolleys.
    • Have wheely bags or back packs for hand luggage.
    • For small babies a soft pouch/sling to carry them.
    • Encourage children to run off energy.
  • Activities for your children.
    • Watch aircraft.
    • Create a treasure hunt.
    • Go to the bathroom.
  • Restock food treats.
  • Look for designated play areas.
  • If it is a large airport pre-arrange for a courtesy cart to help you between gates.
  • To check what items are allowed through transit go to and then click the appropriate embassy and also check the relevant airports website.

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