The USA located in North America consists of 50 states, 5 major territories, 5 federal districts, and various possessions.

ESTA Overview: Here’s What Travellers Need to Know

This is a Guest Post by Susan Noel The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) came into effect in 2008. The system serves as a time and cost-effective alternative to the traditional United States visa. It was designed particularly for citizens of specific countries that are included in the visa waiver program. The United Kingdom […]

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things to do in Phoenix - the museum

Fun Things To Do with Your Kids in Phoenix 5

The city of Phoenix, Arizona isn’t necessarily on every tourist’s map, and that’s unfortunate. Phoenix is a great city full of AMAZING attractions for kids. Discover the top activities to do with your children in this oasis of fun! 5 Places to Take the Kids in Pheonix Phoenix Zoo Bring your kids to the Phoenix […]

Fun Family Friendly Festivals for Kids 2016 6

This post is sponsored by My Family Travels Fabulous Fall Getaways. The change of season is finally here – it’s either a cooler or a bit warmer.  Which means no matter where you live you can now start to enjoy the outdoors again. What better way to do it than join in some family friendly […]

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fall trips ideas

Fall Trips or Spring Break Ideas 14

This post is sponsored by Taking the Kids and Family Travel Forum. Depending on where you live you are either trying to hang onto the last remanent of warmth with the Fall (Autumn) days before the blasts of chilly snow settle in or enjoying the first blush of warmth with Spring. So why not get outside and […]

Hawaii with Toddlers – the Do’s and Don’ts 33

This is a guest post by Matt Picken who write’s Tantrum Travels.  Today he is sharing his top tips on travelling to Hawaii with toddlers. Matt is a full time dad to two boys under 2.5 years old. Big tantrum first flew at 8 days old and Little tantrum flew internationally at 10 weeks. Having […]

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San Diego with kids

San Diego with Kids 20

This is a Guest Post from Amanda Keeley-Thurman who writes Hot Mama Travel. Today she is sharing her hot tips for visiting San Diego with kids. Amanda Keeley-Thurman is a mama, family travel expert and travel writer.  She is always on the road and eager to share her tips with you.  Follow her family’s adventures and gather […]

Escape the Weather Extremes with a Spring Break 8

This post was sponsored by Family Travel Forum and Taking the Kids #SpringBreakIdeas Whether you have been experiencing the blizzards in the USA or the blistering heat of Australia, it’s time for your family to relax and enjoy the milder weather of a spring break.   But where to go?   Well my friends at […]

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Christmas lights and holiday ideas

Light up the Holiday Season 6

*This post is sponsored by Family Travel Forum and Taking the Kids The holiday season is almost upon us.  How are you coping? The shopping malls are becoming a frenzy of madness, you are baking up a storm, the wrapping paper is yet to seal the bounty of gifts you have purchased and then there are […]

Escape Winter to where Summer’s Arriving 8

Those warm sunny days have slipped away. I am now waking up rugged up from the cold and looking out at the grey clouds. Already I am thinking up ways to escape winter and thaw out where it is summer. What about a trip to the USA? Taking the Kids and Family Travel Forum have […]

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Kids at the beach

Dreaming of Summer 10

In Australia winter has now well and truly set in.  It is cold, wet and I feel chilled to the bone. It was only a couple of weeks ago when we had a lovely sunny day here in Perth and ventured to the beach.  Whilst I watched my son frolicking in the sun and surf […]