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The holiday season is almost upon us.  How are you coping?

The shopping malls are becoming a frenzy of madness, you are baking up a storm, the wrapping paper is yet to seal the bounty of gifts you have purchased and then there are the children’s cries to see the stunning festive lights.

Christmas lights and holiday ideas

When I was a young girl – back in the 1970’s – one of my favourite family traditions was piling into the car, driving into the city and seeing the Christmas Lights.

My sisters and I would have our faces pressed to the window screaming and pointing while gasping in oohs and aahs at all those pretty twinkling lights.


So how are you going to find the best festive light displays this Holiday Season?

Now that I am a mother I love to take my son out during the week before Christmas to look at the lights. These days you don’t even have to go into the city centre to get great Christmas Lights – so many homes have out done themselves with magnificent displays.

But to be honest it is usually the city centre that’s puts on the most dazzling of all displays. My friends at Family Travel Forum have created a list of Holiday Light Celebrations Across America.

Holiday Lights

Really handy if you are heading to the States this holiday season like my friend Julie with her husband and daughter.

I have to say I’m a little bit envious of their whole trip because it culminates with a white Christmas in New York.

But meanwhile I’m sitting here in sunny Perth and many of you are scattered about Australia; so for those of us in the southern hemisphere check out your local capital or major towns holiday season displays (you’ll no doubt find it on your city/towns website).

Let us know where you found some great Christmas Lights

Once you’ve finished all the preparation for that one big day that ends with you sprawled on the couch from overeating and exhaustion, watching the snow flakes through the window slowly drift down – Ok that’s what we see in the movies – it will be time to start thinking about how to amuse the family for the remainder of the holiday season.


How to spend the remainder of the Holiday Season.

A holiday vacation my son would really love to try is visiting the snow.  He wants to throw snowballs and make a snowman.

He’s also seen kids getting rides on snow tubes and toboggans – that looks like so much fun.

Because we live in such a warm climate I never seriously consider the snow as an option; I can’t ski.  But reading the Best Ski and Snow Family Vacations on Family Travel Forums website I have learnt that whether I am a newbie or a seasoned skier there is an option for everyone and every age with ski schools to match.

From the article I learnt the ski resorts have introduced new activities to help those from aged 6+ become accustomed to the snow fields, slopes and bumps with their Terrain Based Learning that includes snow forts, mini pipes and sculptured trails – I reckon my son would be into that.

ski and snow vacation ideas

If you are heading to the states to visit family and friends or perhaps just taking a holiday why not think about adding in a snow ski option.

Look I know you are leaving the hot sunshine for the cold and personally my family loves choosing a resort that has a water park (ie. warm weather required) many ski resorts are now including indoor water parks with water slides, wave pools and aqua play.

Now that’s something to think about after the silly season has finished!

Have you visited a great ski resort? 

Tell us about it.


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