Packing for Kids: The Essentials this Holiday Season 14

*This post is sponsored by Nurofen

These are my absolute essentials you should add to your packing list this holiday season.  They are also really handy if you are just heading out for the day visiting family and friends.

packing for kids - the esentials

My Top 3 must have Items when Packing for Kids.

1. Medical Essentials

There is a reason toddlers are called toddlers they toddle and fall over all the time and as they grow into young school age kids with limbs that are continually changing in length children are continually getting onto scrapes.

On top of that how often do you get off a flight or long bus/train ride and come down with a cold from the recycled air-conditioning?

It’s well worth just having the basics with you – sadly you’re bound to need them.

essential medial items when packing for kids

  • Nurofen

This is my favourite pain relief medication at the moment.  Partly due to the easy syringe applicator.  Whether my son Lewis has a headache, cold or fever Nurofen seems to alleviate the symptoms.  You can read all about how Nurofen works with kids health, its ingredients and the dosage to ensure it’s the right fit for your child.

Nurofen can also be really helpful during teething, the screams those poor babies have during the torturous months.  But don’t think it’s all over once they have all 20 teeth a few years later the adult teeth start coming through and they also cause more pain for your child – they can just tell you about it instead of crying.  There’s nothing like teething to ruin a holiday.

  • Antiseptic Cream

I find some antiseptic cream is the best for small scratches and wounds.

  • Band-Aid

Nothing fixes a small wound like a band-aid.  I know some kids just instantly stop crying once a band-aid is applied.  Of course it does have the purpose of stopping the blood from oozing out and preventing germs from entering.

2. Snacks

Packing for kids essential snacks

  • Water

It doesn’t matter where we go I always take Lewis’s water bottle with us.  If you are going through security at the airport you will need to empty the bottle in the bathrooms first and then once you are in the secure area there is generally a drinking water fountain to refill your bottle.

  • Food

As soon as we get in the car Lewis thinks it’s time to eat.  So I normally have snack sized option of rice crackers, dried fruit, rice wheels, and tiny teddy’s.  Some of these come in pre-packaged in snack sizes or you can create your own with small zip lock bags.

  • Milk

If your child is still having bottle or cups of milk and you will be out or flying during the time that they usually drink it make sure you have some packed.  When we travel overseas I still buy formula (junior version now) for Lewis.  Formula is handy as you don’t need to keep it cold or heat in the microwave and I like it when we travel as it has extra vitamins and minerals in case he does not eat properly while we are away.

3. Toys

packing for kids, toys

  • Snuggle Friend

I have to say we can’t go anywhere (except school) without Lewis’s Bear. If it’s a trip in the car or on a plane Bear is there to ease any anxieties or just to have a chat.

  • Colouring and Activity Books

I always pack a couple of these when we go away.  It provides a quite activity on the plane, in the hotel room, or when we go out for dinner.

  • Favourite Game

At the moment Lewis’s favourite game is Lego.  Last year I purchased a set of creator Lego that came in a solid plastic case and I have added a bit more to it this year on our trip to Penang.  Being a creator set means he can build and rebuild for each new game.  However your child might have a favourite doll, cars, dinosaurs or plastic animals; work with what your child likes to play with.

Of course you can always go down the electronic route as well.  There’s nothing wrong with playing a bit of Candy Crush or Juice Cube 🙂

Hopefully adding these few items when you are packing for kids will keep your children safe and happy when your travel this festive season.

For all my packing lists for the entire family click HERE

What is your must have item when travelling with kids?

*DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by Nurofen.  I am not a medical professional and you should always seek professional medical advise first.

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14 thoughts on “Packing for Kids: The Essentials this Holiday Season

  • Valent Lau

    Medicals are going to be a hard one for us. We’re going to Japan where they look strangely at the exotic pills and stuff we take. I’m also not sure how they’ll take to liquid medicines on the plane.
    Lots of lego will be in our luggage…

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      Taking medical liquids on board a plane is not a problem. Just ensure each bottle is no more than 100ml out of it’s box and placed in a clear plastic bag for presentation to security.
      As for other medications as long as you keep them in their original packaging and take a copy of your prescription you should be fine – however check the Japanese Embassy website for exact regulations for entry into that country.

  • Grace

    We pack a LOT of snacks for the boys and a small medical kit. We end up way overpacking but you know, better to be safe than sorry. Especially if it’s a long road trip.
    Hopefully we’ll be doing our first camping trip these holidays – can’t wait!
    Merry Christmas and thank you for all your support this past year! Look forward to keeping in touch in the new year x

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      I always feel the same way when I pack. But I look at the snacks as something that will go and leave room for shopping 🙂
      Thank you for providing the #FYBF link up, I look forward to continuing sharing the love in 2015

  • Malinda @mybrownpaperpackages

    My 3 go to things this trip were an anti-itch cream for the inevitable mozzie bites because my toddler has a horrible reaction to them, snacks – always snacks, and a snuggle teddy each but no more toys because they have their cousins to play with and Santa is only just around the corner. Thanks for joining in with my Wednesday Wanderlust Travel Link Party. Have a great Christmas x

  • Anne Sutherland-Smith

    Sally-Ann, thanks for a great article.

    I think we are OK on the second two, but today I was reminded that I did not pack any kiddie medications. And of course my youngest son started vomiting this morning. Fortunately we were at my sister’s house and she had the medication we needed, but otherwise we would have had to visit a pharmacy and potentially the doctor or emergency if his vomiting did not settle down.

  • Matt

    Hi Sally,

    I completely understand what’s required when packing for a toddler. The checklist seems to be getting longer and longer.

    Our 2.5 year old boy is Lighting McQueen mad, we never leave home without it.

    I’ve just started a toddler travelling blog, and I’ll be keenly reading more about your adventures and advice.
    I’d love if you could take a look:)