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Finding fun, entertaining and educational destinations for family holidays can be a struggle.  So, I’ve been reflecting on my past travels to Africa and come to the realisation that travelling there with kids can offer some unique experiences.

Discover 5 types of experiences, activities and attractions to enjoy when you travel to Africa with kids on a family holiday vacation.

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Africa is the second largest continent in the world with 54 sovereign countries.  It offers a variety of travel experiences – from basking in the stunning scenery and visiting world heritage sites, to seeing some of the largest animals on the planet and relaxing by the seaside.

5 Types of Experiences When You Travel to Africa with Kids

Africa is a continent that not only boasts of beautiful destinations but also of once-in-a-lifetime adventures that the children will surely look back to years from now.

Of course, when going on an African getaway with the family, it’s best to plan early on what types of experiences you and the kids would love to have. If you’re not really sure where to start planning, you can check out the family-friendly adventure packages offered by Bench Africa. You can also talk to their expert staff who will assist you in tailoring an itinerary that’s perfect for the whole family.

Here are five things most people look forward to experiencing when travelling to Africa:

A Big Zoo

When my son was a toddler I would take him on day trips to visit the zoo.  His favourite part?  The African Savana, of course!  Is it any wonder?  These animals are huge, unique with long necks, horns and proud mains.

Taking the kids on a family safari is quite similar to the zoo excursion they have come to love, but it’s way better.  There’s nothing quite like seeing an entire herd of elephants walking through the scrub as opposed to a single elephant standing in a small enclosure.  Or a pod of hippopotamuses frolicking in the water.  Then a pride of lions lazing under the shade of a thorn tree.

Go on safari in kenya or south africa for a unique experices when you travel to Africa with Kids

Go on safari

You may also want to add one of those really special locations where the kids can get up close and personal with the animals like Giraffe Manor in Kenya.

Educate the Kids

Africa not only prides itself in its rich diversity of animals, but in beautiful historical locations too.

Just think of the pyramids in Egypt and the imperial cities of Morocco. The kids learned about these places in school, but to experience what these locations have to offer first-hand will leave a lasting impression on them.

Explore the pyramids of Giza, Egypt when you travel to Africa with kids on a family holiday vacation.

The pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Take a Road Trip

While most of these unique African destinations can be visited while on tour, there is also the option of hitting the road and driving to these places yourselves.

Many years ago, my parents and I did just that when we visited the Cape Peninsula of South Africa.  We made our way along the winding clifftop roads, with wild waves crashing below and houses perched above.  When the kids and I do this in the future, we’ll add in a picnic overlooking some of the area’s most beautiful locations in our itinerary. We’ll also pop into wineries and cheese factories along the way.  My parents and I were fortunate to be able to travel during spring and we got to enjoy some of the native wildflowers, much to the delight of my mother.

This is just a glimpse of what lies ahead for the entire South African garden route self-drive tour.  The official South African tourism website suggests you allot four days to get the most of this adventure.

Take a road trip along the Garden Route when you travel to Africa with kids on a family holiday.

Self-drive the Cape Penisula, South Africa

Luxury Resorts in Cool Locations

Some tours include a few nights’ stay in some really exotic African locations.

You can spend the night in colonial hotels nestled next to Victoria Falls, be woken up by giraffes at Giraffe Manor, cruise along the Nile River, or stay in one of the many luxurious camps located in game parks.

Stay in luxury hotels like Victoria Falls Hotel when you travel to Africa with kids on a family holiday.

Victoria Falls Hotell, Zimbabwe

Hang out at the Beach

After all those safaris, educational experiences and road trips, you may just want to have some time to relax as a family.  And nothing says “relaxation” more than the beach.

Visit the beach when you travel to Africa with kids on a family holiday vacation.

View from the Mombasa Club, Kenya.

The white, sandy beaches in East Africa are beautiful.  You can find family hotels on the coast of Kenya or Tanzania.  I can just picture the kids spending hours building sand castles and splashing by the shore, while I sit back, relax and contemplate on the unique experiences we have had so far in Africa.

Discover 5 types of experiences, activities and attractions to enjoy when you travel to Africa with kids on a family holiday vacation.

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