Day Trips

Travel and tourism is not just about getting in the car or hoping on a plane and travelling for hours before arriving at your accommodation where you will spend the next week or two. It also includes day trips. Sometimes these trips are well planned and thought out destinations and sometimes it’s spur of the moment.

Here in Perth we are so lucky with options; a picnic up to the hills in the bush, wine tasting in The Swan Valley, a stroll along the river, or a day at the beach.

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Not sure what to take with you on your day trips check out the “Packing for Day Trips” page.

My Favourite Family Acitivites in Perth with Kids 34

This post is an entry for the Kid Spot #voicesof2015 #shareAustralia We’re lucky.  We only live 5 kilometres from the Perth CBD and are fortunate to have so many great places on our doorstep to spend time as a family with a young child. But which are my absolute favourite go to activities to spend […]

Perth with Kids

New Norcia day trip

TV Inspired a New Norcia Day Trip 30

It all started with an episode of “Masterchef”. “Your challenge today is in Abbotsford Convent Bakery.” We were inspired!  Oh we should take a day trip out to New Norcia Bakery (once run by the Benedictine monks).  Let’s go this WA Day long weekend. After a little Googling we discover via the New Norcia Bakery […]

Striking Sculpture by the Sea 10

It may have officially been the 11th annual Sculpture by the Sea but it was our first. Was it worth the wait? Whilst I have watched from afar reading articles in the newspaper and seeing stories on TV about this wonderful FREE exhibition that has been put on at the Perth seaside suburb of Cottesloe, […]

sculpture by the sea

Mundaring weir dam

Mundaring Weir – a fun family Perth day trip 8

“Mum where does the water come from?” my 6-year-old son Lewis asks. “From the dam” I reply “What’s a dam?” Lewis asks. Ok, so this went on for a while until I said, “How about we go to Mundaring Weir, on the next sunny weekend, so that you can see how the dam works.” It […]

Travel with Kids – It’s not just about the destination 12

When you travel with kids it’s not just about the destination.  It doesn’t matter whether you are flying, road tripping or even heading out for the day with kids (in your home town or on holiday) there is more to it than just finding a family friendly destination.  It’s also about making the journey entertaining. […]

travel with kids

beach scene at Lego exhibition

A Lego Exhibition – things to do with kids 4

Are your kids like mine?  The mere mention of Lego and they run. Lego the worlds third largest toy manufacturer has been building little plastic interlocking blocks for almost 60 years.  It’s ability to let your child’s creative imagination run free and where nothing is wrong is just marvellous. I mean Lego is just awesome!  You’ve […]

A Model Railway Exhibition – things for kids 5

As is my theme this winter with finding rainy day activities I am on the look out for anything new that I think will entertain our family. Over the recent long weekend a Lego Exhibition was promoted (stay with me here – I’ll get to the model railway exhibition).  Lego is my son Lewis’s favourite toy at […]

model railway exhibition

Margaret River Providore selection

Providore Margaret River in the Swan Valley 4

With a mention of chocolate, Lewis can be bribed coaxed into trying any new activity or store. So into the car he went willingly one wet autumn Sunday afternoon for the half hour 20 km drive from the Perth CBD out to the Swan Valley.  We were off to sample the Providore Margaret River in […]

Rainy Day Activities for Kids – Things to do. 12

It’s a rainy day today here in Perth, which prompted me to ponder “What to do with kids on a rainy day?” So I’ve come up with “5 rainy day activities for kids” 1. The Science Museum This is an absolute favourite of my son’s at the moment.  Whether it’s a stinking hot day or […]

rainy day activities for kids

easter activity books for kids

How to Survive Easter with the Kids -Things to do at Easter 4

Wondering how to keep the kids occupied these school holidays which also include the Easter Break? Well I’ve come up with 7 ways to keep them occupied, most shouldn’t cost too much and should be available in your home town.   7 Things to do at Easter with the Kids Activity Books You can pick […]