Mustering Up at the Perth Cow Parade. 16

We’ve arrived into Perth’s city centre in the search for cows.

Not just any cows, but 40 fibreglass cows decorated by local artists and fashion designers.  These cows are now on display throughout the CBD, East Perth, West Perth and Northbridge until 11th December 2016.

Cow Parades are not new phenomenon; New York, Paris and Tokyo have previously hosted Cow Parades.  This time it’s Western Australia’s turn to decorate and exhibit the cows.

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So Let’s Go Hunting for the Perth Cow Parade

Now don’t you go think it’s going to be easy to spot all these cows.  We discover that some (well a lot) are quite tricky to find.  You can spend a whole day looking for them, so be prepared with a packed day bag filled with water, snacks and don’t forget to be sun smart.

We start our hunt by collecting a Cow Parade Perth map from the tourist bureau in Forrest Chase which was a little easier to read than the one I downloaded off the Cow Parade Perth website.  As we delve further into the city we see plenty of other people with Cow Maps in their hands.

Some of the cows are easy to locate standing proudly in green pastures (AKA) Perth’s public gardens and parks.

The mirrowed cow, part of Perth Cow Parade

In Central Park Perth

Yet others are tucked away inside iconic buildings.

Cows in buildings at Perth Cow Parade

Inside Perth City Library

Many cows we struggle to detect as they are hidden inside city office malls that are closed over the weekend.

Not to worry though there are plenty more to see at various Perth city land marks.

Cows at iconic buildings in Perth Cow Parade

Outside Cloisters – originally the first secondary school in Perth

Sadly a few are currently missing due to vandalism, but we have been assured they will return in a week or so.  There are also a couple more cows yet to join the Perth Cow Parade as their artists are just adding the final touches.

We discover searching for these cows becomes a great way to explore our own city and step inside many historic buildings we have only ever admired from the exterior.

Perth Cow parade takes you past historic buildings

The oldest stone building in Perth

Each of the cows is unique with a plaque explaining the artists inspiration.  Like this one that references the supplies horses, donkeys and humans had to carry during WW1.

Artistic cows at Perth Cow Parade

In Florence Hummerston Reserve

Whilst some are more whimsical like Daphne.

Decorated cows to see at Perth Cow Parade

Inside State Buildings

Others are just plain fun like this pinata one we found tucked in a corner near a new food mall.

decorated cows at Perth Cow Parade

At 140 Perth

A few are classic in appearance.

traditional cows in Perth Cow Parade

At Barrack Street Jetty

And numerous cows are striking in appearance nestled in Perth’s newest structures like Elizabeth Quay.

Perth Cow Parade extends to Elizabeth Quay

At BHP Water Park in Elizabeth Quay

We have such fun discovering a little more of our home town as we scout around for the Perth Cow Parade.  In total we find 20 out of the 40 cows on parade in Perth.  I told you it wasn’t easy to find them all 😉

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