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Since 1980 we Australian’s have been told to “Slip.  Slop.  Slap.”

You would think it would be ingrained into us by now, yet 1400 people a year still die from skin cancer.

That’s one of the reasons why sunscreen is included in my packing lists for:

It doesn’t matter whether your family holiday is going to the snow, the bush or the beach like our family travels to South East Asia – the sun is harsh and you will get burnt if you don’t cover up.

In South East Asia we have been reminded by the pool guys that the sun is extremely harsh just like in Australia.  I try my best to ensure we are always wearing a hat, rashie and sunscreen.

sun smart holiday

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I am often shocked when I see children from other countries (where being sun smart adage is obviously not so promoted) without any covering and I am even more dismayed if they have severe burns with peeling skin, going back out into the sun without a shirt, hat or sunscreen.

But look, I’m not perfect.  We have even been caught out when Lewis dropped his nap time on our holiday in Phuket and we forgot to reapply sunscreen after lunch.  We then had to stay out the sun for a couple of days.

What we needed was the new Banana Boat 50+ spray clear

sun smart holiday

Staying safe in the sun for a good part of the day would have been easier as the new sunscreen lasts for 4 hours not the traditional 2 hours.  This new sunscreen works best if you apply it liberally 15-20 minutes before you go outside.  Apparently this new sunscreen is not only water-resistant but sweat resistant, so perfect when we go on holiday to those hot tropical regions.

How to use the new Banana Boat 50+:

  • apply 20 minutes prior to going outside
  • reapply after swimming, exercise and excessive perspiration that has been towel dried.
  • don’t forget to apply to forgotten areas like: eyes, ears, lips, shoulders and behind your knees.

Banana Boat now also has an Aloe Vera Lip Balm 30+ which is great not for just hot sunny days but also those windy and cold days we are now experiencing through winter.

I have always carried Banana Boat products with me since Lewis was born because they make a baby sunscreen and a toddler sunscreen that come in a handy roll on size that fitted nicely into my pouch in the pram.

sun smart holiday

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So basically it is really simple and easy have a sun smart holiday for all the family, just remember the old slogan:

“slip on a shirt,

slop on some sunscreen

and slap on a hat.”

You can also slide on some lip balm for good measure 😉 .

What else do you do to stay sun smart?

*DISCLOSURE:  This post was sponsored by Banana Boat

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