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We’ve just enjoyed a wonderful day out at the Perth Santa’s Christmas Carnival.  Overall the event was well run with loads of kid friendly activities; but there were just a few things I wish I had known before we attended Santa’s Christmas Carnival at the Claremont Showgrounds.

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These are the tips and tricks I learned to help you enjoy Santa’s Christmas Carnival next year.

My Top Tips for the Perth Santa’s Christmas Carnival.

Book tickets online

Tickets can be pre-purchased through the Santa’s Christmas Carnival website.  The price is cheaper to buy on the website than paying cash at the door.

The all-inclusive price ($32ea – 2016) provides free access to all the rides and attractions except prize-winning games.

Park at the event

To get to Claremont Showground where Santa’s Christmas Carnival  is held you can drive or take public transport.  If you catch the train it will cost you $12.40 (2016) for a family pass and it stops right at the door of the Claremont Showgrounds.  Or you can drive to the showgrounds enter through gates 5 or 8 and park for $5.

We caught the train, but I wish we had driven.  Whilst parking is cheaper, it also means that any extras I should have packed for our day out could have easily been accessed and returned to the car at will.

Bring chairs and shade

One thing we found it was very hot milling about in the centre of the showgrounds arena as the kids ran about playing on all the inflatable water slides.  We would have welcomed  a large marque in the centre of the arena as there was only minimal natural shade around the arena perimeter.

showground arena for santa's christmas carnival

The showgrounds arena for Santa’s Christmas carnival

Are you starting to see more benefits to driving?  You don’t want to lug portable shade on the train.  You may also want something to sit on as the kids will play for hours on those attractions.

Don’t forget swimming gear

With all those inflatable water slides the kids are going to need swimming clothes.

Don’t forget to pack other swimming essentials like towel, hat, sunscreen and dry clothes.  That’s more stuff you can pack in the car and return for when needed.

inflatable waterslides at the Perth Santa's Christmas Carnival

Some of the 20+ inflatable water slides at Santa’s Christmas carnival

Pack a picnic

All that running and climbing sure built up an appetite.  Whilst I did pack a day bag with water and snacks, I made the mistake of not packing a picnic.

We had thought it might be nice to buy from one of the food outlets.  But there were only a few food trucks available and all had long queues.  I waited 45 mins to buy hot-dogs, chips, a burger and drinks costing $45 for the three of us.

If however you choose to buy your lunch there are tables and chairs available inside the Robertson Pavilion – I only found this area after lunch 🙁

Take some money

So far I’ve mentioned we needed money for:

  • the train or
  • parking
  • buying food and
  • extra drinks.

Now whilst all the rides and attractions are included in the entrance cost, the prize-winning games or getting a show bag will cost an additional few dollars more.  We spent another $15 on three prize games.

Prize games at the Perth Santa's Christmas Carnival

So don’t forget to take some money along with your pre-purchased entrance ticket.

Wear comfortable shoes

As you can see you will be on the go all day long.  At the 2016 Santa’s Christmas Carnival there were over 20 inflatable water slides plus 5 different bouncy castles, two entire pavilions filled with kiddy carnival rides and more thrilling rides out in sideshow alley.

Kiddy rides at the Perth Santa's Christmas Carnival

Inside the kiddy ride pavilion

There’s a lot of walking to be done.

Waiting in line

And a lot of standing.  We stood around a lot whilst our son waited to go on various rides or more often was on a ride or attraction.  Most of the ride and attraction queues all moved quite swiftly and I was really impressed that there was no pushing and shoving or kids trying to sneak ahead in the queue.

Find Santa

To finish off the day you will have to walk about to hunt for the main attraction of Santa.

We found him tucked away in his winter wonderland in the centre of the main pavilion.  We carefully made our way through the dark path edged with twinkling miniature pine trees.  The little ones will surely want their moment with the big red guy to ensure he fulfils their Christmas wish list.

See Santa at the Perth Santa's Christmas carnival

Santa’s hidden inside a screened off area to the left.

We had a wonderful time at the Perth Santa’s Christmas Carnival 2016 and you’ll have an even better time at next years event following my top tips for Santa’s Christmas Carnival.

So are you are looking forward to Santa’s Christmas Carnival in Perth next year?

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*DISCLOSURE: We were provided with complementary tickets for Santa’s Christmas Carnival 2016

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