Our Family Travels

We (my partner, Steve and I) currently have a 8 year old boy, Lewis who we have taken travelling since the age of 20 months. We are your average family that works, has a mortgage and takes annual leave. That is we travel for a week or 2 at a time a couple of times a year.

Below are posts of our travels with our son. I hope that they will inspire you to travel with your children

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A Small Family Holiday to Busselton with Kids 16

During the April 2016 school holidays we took a short getaway for a family holiday to Busselton with kids – well one kid 🙂 Busselton is a 2 and a half hour drive south of Perth and offers a great base to explore the entire Margaret River Region during a family holiday or getaway. Our […]

family holiday ti Busselton

beachlands holiday park

My BIG4 Beachlands Holiday Park Review 6

During the recent school holidays of April 2016 we took a welcome family getaway/holiday to Busselton with kid(s) with the aim of exploring the entire Margaret River Region. I quite like using Busselton as a base for our family holidays to the Margaret River Region as: Busselton is only 2½ hours from Perth I consider […]

Things To Do at Amaze’n Margaret River 12

I feel we are becoming quite the West Australian maze experts.  We visited our first maze back in 2013 during a family holiday to Busselton when we tried to lose the kids at Yallingup Maze.  We had a lovely day out but still had the kids 😉  Then earlier this year for Valentines Day 2016 […]

amaze'n margaret river

bali family holiday

Bali Family Holiday 2015: All the Travel Stories 12

A family holiday to Bali is one of the ultimate in family relaxation even if your trip doesn’t go to plan. Learn where we stayed, played, ate and how we turned a trip that didn’t go to plan into a relaxing and fun family holiday. In 2015 our main family 2 week holiday was to […]

Tasting Our Way Around the Margaret River Region 14

The Margaret River Region in Western Australia’s South West has long been known for its great surfing and delicious wines.  But now it is also becoming known for its home-made produce and tasty foods. During the recent school holidays we took a short getaway 2½ hours south of Perth to Busselton (staying at the BIG4 […]

taste Margaret River Region

family holiday to Bali

A Family Holiday to Bali – Not Going to Plan 2

During the September/October school holidays of 2015 we (my partner Steve, our 7-year-old son Lewis and I) take a family holiday to Bali. But all did not go as planned! I have to say it has been a bit of difficult year in the lead up to the Bali holiday.  With a combination of personal […]

Photo Flashbacks: Things to Do at Hard Rock Hotel Penang 12

Back in 2014 we took a family holiday to Penang and stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. The music is pumping day and night providing a lively backdrop for all the things to do during our family holiday at the Hard Rock Hotel Penang. Things to do at Penang’s Hard Rock Hotel Splish Splash. My […]

things to do hard Rock penang

bali safari

Photo Flashbacks: Into the Wild on a Bali Safari Journey 26

Late last year when we returned to Bali for our annual family holiday we took a wonderful day trip out to Bali Safari and Marine Park. There are so many great things to do and see at this theme park. But for me the highlight is the 4WD safari journey. The Bali Safari Ride We […]

Photo Flashbacks: Camp Splash in Sanur, Bali 10

On our recent family holiday to Bali we stayed at the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites. The Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites is a fantastic family friendly resort which includes the well run Camp Splash Sanur Kids Club . So join me and discover all the fun things to do at Camp Splash Sanur, making our family holiday to Bali a success. […]

camp splash sanur

Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites

My Say: The Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites Review 22

After much deliberation selecting a suitable accommodation for our family holiday to Bali, I choose the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites. The Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites are continually voted in the top 10 family resorts on Trip Advisor and Holiday with Kids. But do I think the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites is really worth all those […]

Photo Flashbacks: Things to do in Penang 28

We love Penang for a family holiday! We’ve loved it so much we have been there twice; once with a toddler in 2011 and again for a family holiday in 2014. Of course one of the great reason to visit Penang for a family holiday is the fantastic food.  But for us the other great […]

things to do in Penang

Bali bike tour

Discover the Real Bali with a Green Bike Cycle Tour 36

One of the problems with taking a family holiday to Bali these days is that it’s very hard to see the real Bali. Walking down the street in any of the major towns: Kuta, Seminyak, Benoa or Sanur it is non-stop souvenir shops, day spas, mini marts and restaurants aimed at the tourist.  The only […]

An Airline Review: Virgin Australia to Bali 30

I’m not a fan of discount carriers! There I’ve admitted it – which is why it has taken me so long before I have been willing to fly with Virgin Australia. Virgin entered the Australian market in 2000 under the brand of Virgin Blue -it was a discount carrier. However as of May 2011 Virgin […]

Virgin Australia review

Mandalay Resort Review

Photo Flashbacks: Busselton Mandalay Resort (Review) 16

As the summer holidays are rapidly approaching I am starting to think about a short getaway to escape Perth’s heat, just 2 and half hours south to Busselton.  As such I am considering the different accommodations available and this has made me reflect on our family getaway to Busselton in 2013 with my sister and her family […]

Photo Flashbacks: What you see on a Phuket Elephant Trek? 12

Back in 2013 we went on a family holiday to Phuket. Prior to having children I had previously travelled to Phuket and taken an elephant trek.  As a result I felt this was a must do experience for my family. So one day we head off for a walk on the wild side at Siam […]

Phuket Elephant Trek

bali safari and marine park review

A Family Day Out at Bali Safari and Marine Park: A Review 30

One of the great things I have been enjoying about staying at the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites is how social all the guests are and how everyone offer’s each other advice as to what to see and do. Prior to leaving Perth when I was doing my research for our family holiday to Bali I had […]

Photo Flashbacks: the Sydney Opera House 20

When you take a family holiday to Sydney there are 2 things that you absolutely must see. The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Fortunately they are not hard to find. We sail down on the Sydney ferry to start exploring the Sydney harbour front and there it is!   Sydney Harbour Bridge […]

sydney opera house

Outrigger Laguna beach Resort review

Photo Flashbacks: Outrigger Laguna Beach Resort Phuket Review 12

During August 2013 we ventured on our first TWO week family holiday to Phuket with kids. When you are planning on spending so much of your holiday in one place it is really worth investing your time in choosing the right family accommodation for you. So did I make the right decision for our family of […]

Photo Flashbacks – Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa Review 8

In 2011 Steve wanted to revisit Singapore, a destination he had visited in his early 20’s.  I was happy to see this bustling city, but I also wanted a relaxing beach family holiday. But where to stay in Singapore that’s on the beach? Then I stumbled upon information about Sentosa Island.  A small island to […]

Shangri-la rasa sentosa review

Fremantle prison

Photo Flashbacks: Fremantle Prison 22

It’s not often that you get a sea of hands from parents wanting to help out on a school excursion.  But last year when my son’s year one class was asking for help to take the kids to Perth’s popular tourist destination and historical icon Fremantle Prison, there were a frenzy of hands going up. […]