Whiteman Park – on a rainy day 24

It started as a sunny winters day.

But just as I pack our picnic basket with one of my easy picnic meal ideas – the grey clouds start to roll back in.

We choose to be unwavering.

What will happen to our picnic at Whiteman Park?

Whiteman park

It takes us just over half an hour to reach the 3935 hectare Whiteman Park and it is just starting to sprinkle.

Whiteman Park was originally owned by Lew Whiteman who in 1939 purchased 835 hectares of land around Mussel Pool for farming.  Lew Whiteman started converting the area around Mussel Pool for picnics in 1963 for family, friends and later, the wider community.  He sold his land to the government in 1977 (who also purchased additional neighbouring land) to create the free public park that is now known as Whiteman Park.

Due to the weather there are not too many people at the park and it is easy to locate a sheltered timber picnic table not too far from the car park and overlooking the lush green fields.

While it lightly rains we enjoy our selection of cold meats, cheeses, fresh bread rolls, a glass of white wine (OJ for Lewis), and we stay dry.

Whiteman park

With our picnic finished and packed away it is now time to explore.

Things to do at Whiteman Park in the Rain

As we make our way in toward the Whiteman Park village we stop at the tourist information office and collect a map, but I have also done some research on the Whiteman Park website prior to leaving home.  I learn that there are a few things to see and do where we can stay dry.

Heritage Tram Ride

We start with a tram ride.

The conductor collects our fare of $13.00 for a family as the vintage tram chugs off toward Mussel Pool.

Whiteman Park

We learn that the fare goes straight to the tram society who are responsible for the 30-year-old tram track and the largest collection of historic trams outside of Melbourne.  Our conductor and tram driver are both volunteers at the tram society and are passionate about their trams.

Whiteman Park tram

The tram stops at Mussel Pool, the driver walks through the carriage and invites everyone to have look at 1 of the 4 original engines that are located under the floor boards of the tram.

Whiteman Park

The tram continues onto the main Whiteman Park stop (the original timber Subiaco train station that was transferred here) before returning to the village.

Whiteman Park tram


When we return to the village there is a break in the weather and we start to walk toward the Revolutions Transport Museum.  Along the way we pass the large colourful playground that has been protected from the light rain by the shade sails.  Lewis heads in for a few slips down the slide.

Whiteman Park playground

Revolutions Transport Museum

It’s only a gold coin donation to enter Revolutions Museum.  I have to say, Steve and I are really impressed with this museum and not just because of the cost.

The museum is dedicated to retelling the story of Western Australia’s transport evolution and is home to Lew Whiteman’s personal collection of heritage transport.

Upon entering we see a huge timber camel train wagon that once carted goods through the vast distances between West Australian towns.

Whiteman park rainy day

Once we get around the corner Lewis is enthralled as the museum becomes interactive.

He drives the old bus and pumps the original petrol pump.

Whiteman park rainy day

Gets into a 1960’s car and we can watch a short video on how the use of cars has changed.

Whiteman park rainy day

Then we walk through a steam train, checking out the “deluxe” compartment with private bathroom, the conductors room and the storage room for goods like mail and meat carcases.

Whiteman park rainy day

There are more push bikes, transport trucks for shearers, and a school bus with a short bus evolution video to explore as the rain pelts down outside.

Finally, the rain eases and we make a run for the car, it has gotten late in the day but there is more we could have seen at Whiteman Park.

More to Do

More museums to see at Whiteman Park:

  • the Tractor Museum
  • the Motor Museum

With more things to do:

  • Vintage Train Ride
  • Bus ride on a restored Perth public bus for a guided tour of the park

Lewis really wanted to do the bus ride and see the Tractor Museum so we will be going back to Whiteman Park.

What would your kids like to see and do?

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24 thoughts on “Whiteman Park – on a rainy day

  • Lyn - A Hole in my Shoe

    Sally-Ann, I don’t why it didn’t register until now that you are also in Perth. I love Whiteman Park and have been going there for years and years. Our family have a yearly get-together there for Easter each year. Small world!

  • Bumble Bee Mum

    This place is SO COOL! My boys would love the tram ride and various transport museums! I am so holding it against my husband for not going through with a Perth trip in September. I was so freaking close to booking those air tickets. Now, with AUD falling against SGD and seeing this post, I am TOTALLY regretting it. Like totally! Let me pin this up, I am so going to convince him to go the next time a good flight deal comes along.

      • Bumble Bee Mum

        Awesome… I was hoping to do a self-drive around Western Australia to visit Margaret River, Wave Rock and Pinnacles. Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort also looks fab, but it looks too far to drive from Perth.

        • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

          Well that would be quite the adventure. Just to let you know Margaret River is about 2 and half hours south of Perth (a popular getaway location for long weekends), The Pinnacles about the same north but you will need a good few hours to explore, Wave Rock is 4 hours East of Perth and in the middle of no where – but well worth seeing. I haven’t driven to Monkey Mia it’s 10 hours away. But the others are definitely easily doable.

  • Chloe

    This sounds like such a great day out! I’d love to ride on a tram. We don’t have them where I live and I’ve never been on one before. It’s so good that they showed you the engine as well. I love it when people are passionate about what they do, it really makes you have a better experience. The museum looks like so much fun. I’d love to learn about all the old transport methods. It’s incredible how people used to live and how they used to get about. I live in the countryside and there are some museums near where I live that show you old farming machinery and old tractors. You can’t believe what people used to use and how long things must have taken them. It’s great that you’re showing your toddler these and getting him so interested in history at such a young age. It’s so important to show our youngsters our heritage. Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather .

  • Jenny Eaves

    A lovely day out! My son would love to visit there! Of course it’s a little far away as we’re in sunny Scotland. The museums sound great, how fantastic that they have so many interactive things and that children can go in and out of some of the vehicles.
    I also love that there are tram, train and bus rides as well, so much to do and see, definitely worth a few visits I think.
    Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather linky, could you please pop the badge at the bottom of the post please? 🙂 x

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      I like to think Jenny that even though our day trips our centred around Perth they may inspire people to see what is similar in their own backyard. Do you have a place where you can ride old trams, trains or buses?

  • Matt

    You have definitely convinced the Tantrum family to visit Whiteman park when we visit Perth next. It sounds great rain, hail or shine and Big tantrum would love the tram.

    It’s great to have some easy going flexible 1/2 day type activities up your sleeve when travelling somewhere.


  • Katrina Chambers

    This place looks like so much fun, even on a rainy day. The park looks fantastic, my 3 year old would so love that, and especially the transport and tram ride.It’s a bit far for a day-trip from England, but then you never know 😉
    Kat x

  • Ting at My Travel Monkey

    Sometimes it ‘s great when that even when the weather is bad we ignore it and we get on with it! So even though the rain came I love how you still managed to have a fun-filled and busy day! The tram ride and transport museum look like good fun, I think Monkey would have been happy to have experienced both! Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes