Changi Airport Review: A Family Friendly Airport 19

Among other things Singapore’s Changi Airport promotes itself as family friendly.

Well just how family friendly is it when you are stuck in transit with kids?


Changi Airport review

On our recent holiday to Penang with our child we transit through Changi Airport Singapore when we fly from Perth with Singapore Airlines.

We arrive into Terminal 2 in Singapore’s Changi Airport at 11:55am.  We have 1 hour and 25 minutes to kill until our next flight departs from the same terminal.

Last year I wrote a Pinterest post of Family Friendly Airports, Changi was one that popped up with a cool looking Family Zone, Entertainment Deck and Playground.

So I am on the hunt to discover this area.

First up Lewis grabs a hand luggage trolley.  He loves pushing our hand luggage bags around the terminal.  I spend the entire time stressing he will crash into someone 😮 .

Review Changi Airport Singapore

Singapore is known for its orchids and beautiful gardens and even the airport does not disappoint.

We stop to take pictures at the lovely indoor Orchid Garden and Koi Fish Pond.  Lewis delights in strutting poses in front of the multicoloured floral displays, on the wooden bridges, and against the ornate metal railing.

We move along trying to locate the family zone; I can’t find any signage pointing the way.

As we continue to walk through Changi Airport we come across free industrial looking baby strollers – what a great idea!!!

Changi Airport Review

Complimentary Stroller

Still on the hunt for the elusive family zone and we find a fun interactive stencil/tracing activity.  There is loads of paper and crayons with plenty of different stencils to create your own stunning pictures.  Thers is lots of room for everyone around the very long wooden table.

We end up spending quite some time here.  Before we know it we have used up our free time and it is time to find the gate.

So we walk down the pier, use the travelators and see cool little groups of frog statues playing musical instruments.  Parents have their kids lined up to have their picture taken with them.

Changi Airport review

Then its time for a quick pee stop before boarding.  One of the cubicles has a baby seat hanging off the wall, so you don’t have to juggle baby whilst in the loo – another great idea if transiting with a baby.

We pass through security and into the holding area.  I wonder off to fill Lewis’s water bottle at the drinking fountain, I look out through the glass and see a small playground – oh well 🙁 .

Changi Airport review

It is not the one I had seen on the Airports website but a smaller one.

The main family zone and activity area – well – we never find it, even on the return flights.  However we did find so many other fun things to amuse Lewis, not to mention the baby items (that we no longer need), we easily occupied our transit time with a child to help burn off his energy before the next flight.

PS. According to the maps on the Changi Airport website the family zone was upstairs in Terminal 2 (just not where we looked).

Have you been in transit at a great family friendly airport?

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