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If you read Toddlers on Tour’s blog regularly you would know I love to travel.

My love of travel began at very young age thanks to my mother who insisted that my father take us and my two younger sisters on caravanning holidays around Western Australia.

family holiday western australia

Throughout my childhood we travelled North as far as Post Hedland travelling up through the centre of Western Australia through outback towns like Cue where the caravan park was so crowded we were parked in the entrance road with electricity cables crisscrossing around the park to power all the extra vans (couldn’t do that these days).

Then onto Wittenoom, a town that is now closed due to asbestosis, but was the gateway to the stunning Hamersley Ranges.  Back then, we arrived into the caravan park and upon opening the caravan door we discovered a thick coating of red dust throughout brought about by driving on corrugated red dust roads for several hundred kilometres.  Us kids were banished to the playground whilst my mother cleaned.

family holiday

Mum, sister Roslyn (8), sister Peta (5), me (10), and dog Boo Boo – 1979

Other holidays we went south to Albany to look at dog rock and climb Bluff Knoll which as far as I am concerned were the highlights, as it was too cold to enjoy summer.

family holiday western australia

On Bluff Knoll – 1984

My father was a bookmaker so every August school holidays we travelled with the caravan to Kalgoorlie for the racing round.  On the days there were no horse races we would venture out to go gold prospecting.  We never found anything but had fun clambering about the old ruins imagining a bygone era.  The other days were scheduled with various races, my favourite being the Broad Arrow Races.   Broad Arrow is small town consisting of a pub that comes alive once a year for this race day.  For each race the horses are auctioned off then race down the dusty red road.

family holiday

Broad Arrow Races – 1983

But all these holidays had a common thread – all 5 of us together.  In the car for long road trips playing games like eye spy, guess how long to the nearest town, and I am sure my parents favourite – who can stay quiet the longest 😉 .

Then we would find a caravan park, unload our bikes tucked away inside the caravan for the journey and head off to explore the park whilst mum got us settled.  Dad would always bump his head a lot in the first few days cursing and swearing at the confines of the caravan until he acclimatised.  In the afternoons we would all sit around the table and enjoy hours of playing boggle.

The other thing about all these holidays – we got discover all these hidden corners of our great big state of Western Australia.

I have visited Hutt River Province, an independent sovereign state 595km north of Perth.

family holiday

Mum and Dad – 1982
Hutt River Province

Climbed around Wave Rock , a granite rock that is 15m high and 110m long and shaped like a wave.

family Holiday

Wave Rock – 1984

Then over to Hippos Mouth, another granite rock (though shaped like a hippopotamus’ mouth) a short walk from Wave Rock.

family holiday

Hippos Mouth – 1984

Scampered over the Pinnacles, located in Nambung National Park 200 km north of Perth.  The Pinnacles are amazing limestone structures that were formed 25000+ years ago.

family holiday

The Pinnacles- 1988

And explored around Kalbarri‘s rugged landscape.

family holiday Western australia

Kalbarri coastline – 1982

I am sure it is due to my mother’s desire to share her love of caravanning and exploring WA that my love of travel began; and so I too have continued the tradition.

I love taking my family on holidays to explore far away places, although we prefer to stay in something slightly more robust than a tent or caravan, making use of accommodation sites like Stayz.

family holiday

You can read all about our family travels HERE.

What’s your favourite holiday memory?

Tell me in the comments.

family holiday western australia

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