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This post is sponsored by the all-inclusive Samabe Bali Suites and Villas.

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a rock star then this could be the resort for you – even if you do travel with kids.

And it all starts from the moment you step up into the all-inclusive Bali hotelSamabe Bali Suites and Villas.

Samabe bali Suites and Villas review

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We step up into the resort and are immediately impressed with the modern decor of this resort that is only 1 and half years old.

Samabe Bali resort review

We are seated in the plush lobby that looks across the tranquil ponds, given a refreshing juice, mint scented hand towel, all while being checked in.  Then we are given a pack advising of all our entitled inclusions on the unlimited privileges package.

Next we walk down the bluestone steps into the buggy that takes us through the winding paved lanes to our Ocean Front Family Suite in the East Wing.

Samabe Bali – Ocean Front Family Suite Review

We are escorted by our butler through the front door – we are immediately blown away by the luxury.

Stepping into the foyer that houses the mini or should I say maxi bar and pod coffee machine, I see a rack with his and her sun hats plus a rattan beach bag (our take home hotel gift), and off to the left a separate powder room.

Then we are into the dining and lounge through to the large balcony overlooking the 180° ocean views.

I have to say it is really nice having that extra separate room.  Lewis can watch the kids channel while Steve watches a movie.  I am able to sit up at the table writing at my laptop without being hunched over on the bed.  Plus there is a telescope, Steve and Lewis have fun looking through at the passing ships and surfers.

Samabe Bali resort review

Walking through by-fold doors we enter the huge bedroom that has 2 queen size beds (one of the most comfortable hotel room beds’ I have ever slept on) and a day bed.

Have I mentioned how spacious this room is?  Well wait to you see the grandeur of the bathroom that includes a huge range of toiletry essentials and extras.

Samabe Bali resort review

PS. there is another toilet in here as well.

Before our butler departs she remind’s me that all my washing can be done (not dry cleaning) it is part of the inclusions and to call if we need anything.

Samabe Bali – Pool Review

Feeling particularly spoilt already we head off to the pool.  We walk down one flight of stairs and along the corridor to walk back up another half flight of stairs and across bluestone stepping-stones framed by large white pebbles to the pool timber deck.

The pool is actually three terraced infinity pools (the kind usually reserved for adults only), but here the kids get to play in them as well.

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The pool is great for school age kids (there is no toddler pool).  All 3 pools are about 1 meter in depth and school age kids can easily play.  Lewis makes friends easily at the pool and they all enjoy playing catch and Marco Polo.

Samabe Bali resort review

Meanwhile we are relaxing under the shade of the umbrellas, literally being waited on hand and foot.  One staff member ensures we always have a mocktail in hand – we are never left feeling parched, whilst another is massaging my feet.

samabe Bali resort review

Suddenly wet droplets land on me and the all too familiar cry “Mum I’m hungry” returns me to normality.

But don’t fret my ever attentive waiter appears with the menu.

Samabe Bali – Food Review

We eat lunch pool side everyday.  Whilst Lewis loves the fish and chips, we try: the succulent king prawns, squid, satay sticks and burgers.  Yum Yum is all I can say!

But the delicious food does not end there.  In the mornings we eat breakfast at the buffet – though this is no ordinary buffet.  We are brought by buggy up to the main dining room and seated immediately.  We are brought our vitamin shots, asked what freshly squeezed juices and hot beverages we would like, and offered the hot breakfast menu.  The menu includes the traditional bacon and eggs, plus poached eggs and salmon, steak, pancakes with maple syrup and daily speciality items.  While waiting for our hot meal we visit the buffet for bakery, yoghurt, cold cuts, extra hot meal items, and fresh fruit – Lewis loves the small diced fruit salad in glass mugs.  We leave the restaurant feeling full and wonder how we will ever eat all the meals available.

Yet somehow we manage to make our way back later in the day for the inclusive afternoon tea.  As the weather is quiet warm and on this particular day with little breeze, we order iced coffee and tea, Lewis a fresh juice and our platter arrives.  It is tasty, whilst not being over the top.

Samabe Bali resort review

Afternoon Tea

The open air Crystal Blue Grill meals are like this as well, tasty without being flashy or too rich.  Each table is located up a few stairs on a little balcony perched up overlooking the pool and sea.  I choose lamb cutlets and Steve has a steak with jacket potatoes and a small salad, all washed down with a glass (or 2) of chilled crisp white wine.

Samabe Bali resort review

However my favourite restaurant is the Rempah.  We eat a late dinner here on our first night after returning from our all-inclusive activity The Devdan Show.  We order a pizza for Lewis who falls asleep on the couches in the corner of the restaurant straight after eating.  Meanwhile Steve and I get to enjoy a rare date night having the most delicious 3 course meal from a very extensive menu offering a variety of cuisines and several glasses of that crisp white wine all served by an attentive, yet not intrusive waiter.

All this delicious food and conscientious service is part of our unlimited privilege luxury all-inclusive package.

Samabe Bali – Inclusive Activities Review

The unlimited privileges at this all-inclusive Bali hotel also include a range of Signature Activities (you get to choose one for each night of your stay).

The Devdan Show

As I just mentioned we spend our first evening at the Devdan Show and have a really enjoyable night out.  This signature activity includes transfers and tickets into the show.  We spend a magical one and half hours watching dances from five regions of the Indonesian Archipelago performed by artists in vibrant costumes using elaborate props, not to mention the acrobatics, aerial displays, comical skits and magic stunts.

samabe bali resort review

You can read my full review The Divine Devdan Show HERE.

However there is more than just the signature activities to keep you amused – that is if you can tear yourself away from the relaxation.

Kids Club

What better way to relax than putting your kids in the kids club for a couple of hours.

As we enter the Lumba Lumba Kids Club we are greeted immediately by the friendly staff member.  There is a soft mat in the middle of the room for kids to play with the range of toddler toys on display in the shelving.

Lewis is put off by the lack of toys for older kids, however the staff member quickly points out the timetable of activities we can return for later in the morning – Lewis loves doing craft.

Sadly I cannot lure him to return to try out the arts and craft program.  “Mum I don’t want to go – it’s for babies” Lewis begs.  I spoke to another mum by the pool who had the same experience with her 7-year-old.  What a shame because the Lumba Lumba Kids Club range of activities looks quite good on the timetable left in our room.

Samabe Bali resort review

Samabe Guest Activities

On the reverse side of the kids club timetable is the adults daily activities.

Samabe Bali resort review

We are staying Saturday and Sunday nights, which only have a limited number of activities, but I do enjoy the poolside cucumber eye cooling as any rock star should.

I intend to go to yoga on Monday morning, but I sleep in, not that I was up late partying like a rock star, just that after all I am on holiday and that means relaxation.


And relaxation is the main aim of the game for my second signature activity – a massage.  They include kids in this activity as well.

Samabe Bali resort review

At first I am worried taking Lewis with me for a relaxing massage – thinking he will giggle and call me for attention.  However the relaxation works for both of us.

I don’t know whether it is the lavender oil that we both choose to use, the calm music playing, the supple hands kneading into our muscles, or the fact he can relax knowing I am laying on the bed next to him.  But Lewis enjoys it so much that he nods off to sleep.  Which is great because his massage is for half an hour and mine is for the full hour.

At the end of the massage we dress and have a small herbal tea before being driven back down to our room in the buggy.

Non Motorised Water Sports

I really had fully intended to be slightly more active and try out the non motorised water sports.

On the first afternoon we walk down, down, down the steep steps (something resembling Jacobs Ladder in Perth) to the beach.

There are lounges and a small bar available to relax and enjoy the crystal clear waters.

Samabe Bali resort review

But I want to take Lewis on a surf cat/catamaran.  However the wind gods are not with us over the weekend, there is barely a breath of wind, and since Lewis didn’t particularly enjoy being on the ocean kayak at the Grand Mirage Resort – I don’t push it.

So at least I get some exercise in walking back up the steps.

The Gym

I suppose I could have ventured into the gym for a bit of exercise.  But all we use is the table tennis.  Steve and Lewis enjoy a game on our last afternoon.

Samabe Bali resort review

More Options at the Samabe Bali Suites and Villas

Before departing we are given a tour of the 8 hectare resort by Maria from PR.  She shows us the 1 and 2 bedroom villas that have been hidden behind those humongous wooden gates offering a great option if you want a separate room from the kids.

Stepping into the villa grounds we see outdoor lounges on wooden decking that surrounds the plunge pool with views over the resort across to the sea.

Samabe Bali resort review

Inside the villa is a lounge area with a stunning ceiling that is 2 stories high.  The main bedroom features a king size bed and the second bedroom twin beds (obviously only in the 2 bedroom villa).

Samabe Bali resort review

Image courtesy of Samabe Bali Suites and Villas

Now whilst I thought our bathroom in the suite was grand it had nothing on the ones in the villas.  Taking rock star living to a whole other level.

Samabe Bali resort review

Image courtesy of Samabe Bali Suites and Villas

This is what the all-inclusive Samabe Bali Suites and Villas is all about: quality, luxury, indulgence, and rock star living at its finest.

Do you want to live like a rock star too?

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