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This post is sponsored by the all-inclusive Bali hotel Grand Mirage Resort and Thalasso Bali Spa

Our entire little family discovers how the Thalasso Bali Spa  caters for everyone including the kids and the man who doesn’t like a massage.

We are staying in Bali for a 5 day getaway after what has been a rather stressful few months at home worrying about sick parents.  Everyone is now on the mend and we are taking a short holiday to recharge.

Normally on our annual family travels we are away for 2 weeks and it takes a few days to unwind.  But this trip I want us relaxing from the moment we arrive at our all-inclusive Bali hotel the Grand Mirage Resort in Nusa Dua, so I have booked us all in for a treatment at the resorts day spa Thalasso Bali Spa on the first afternoon.

Bali with kids


We arrive into Bali at 11:30am after an early flight from Perth, check into the resort, enjoy a lunch at the Grand Cafe’, then relax.

This family holiday we are not following our standard first day routine, we are off to the day spa and Steve begrudgingly gets off the bed and joins us.

Upon entering Thalasso Bali Spa we are greeted with welcome smiles in the calm environment.  We sit down to a cool ginger water whilst completing our medical forms.  I choose an oil for my massage, the kids have a set oil, and the staff ensure Steve has his swimming costume.  He is not having massage (he hates them –  I know strange man) but a session in the Aqua-medic Pool.

Thalasso Bali Spa

Image courtesy of Grand Mirage Resort

We are escorted to the male and female change rooms.

Through the wall I can hear all sorts of discussion and on exiting into the calm white stone filled waiting room I quickly learn that Lewis has rejected the black paper undies for his massage.  I tell him not to worry, his T-shirt is off and the boardies will be fine.

Thalasso Bali Spa

Steve heads off in one direction and Lewis and I in the other.

The Balinese Massage

This will be Lewis’ first ever official massage.  I have tried massaging his legs at home but he wriggles and giggles.

Lewis and I are taken to a double treatment room.

Thalasso Bali Spa

Image courtesy of Grand Mirage Resort

I am really pleased about this as I was concerned about leaving him in a separate room.  Now my only concern is will he relax or giggle?

At first Lewis is a bit nervous and needs a little encouragement to sit to have his feet washed before laying on the table.

Thalasso Bali Spa

I have my feet washed and lightly rubbed and lay on the table just near his.  I pop my head up to check on him and I can see his body is already restful.

Now I can start to enjoy the soothing hands kneading the tension from my body with a gentle Balinese massage.  My therapist starts on my feet allowing the reflexology to unwind my entire body.  The pressure is firm but not hard, gently releasing the tension knots throughout my body.

When it is time to roll over I look over at Lewis I have not heard a peep from him, my massage therapist advises he has gone to sleep – though later he assures me he did not 😉 .

I am always disappointed when a massage comes to an end – I just want it to go on forever.

Lewis and I put our robes back on and head back to the change rooms.  I ask where Steve is and they advise he is just finishing off.

Thalasso Bali Spa

Image courtesy of Grand Mirage Resort

As Lewis and I shower removing the oil he asks me about the funny black paper undies.  I tell him “it is so your clothes don’t get ruined by the oil.”

The Aqua-medic Pool

Meanwhile, Steve who does not like massages (I don’t understand that one) was having an Aqua-medic pool treatment.

The Aqua-medic treatment takes place in covered large secluded pool just outside the day spa filled with salt water heated to 38ºC.

Thalasso Bali Spa

Steve came out saying he really enjoyed the pool.

He tells me that the treatment involved moving about the pool which has jets set to various heights to massage your body.  As he moved along from one section of the pool to another an attendant turned on and off the jets.  There were also places to sit or lay down in the pool to rest whilst being pummelled with the water jets.

Thalasso Bali Spa

He came out feeling really relaxed.  An experience he would never have voluntarily tried but thoroughly found luxuriating.

The Family Verdict

I ask both Steve and Lewis what they thought of their first ever day spa experiences.

Lewis said he really enjoyed the massage and wants to have another one.

Steve is a slightly harder case to crack but did say his body felt really relaxed and appreciated the activity.

As for me well I love massages and this was a particularly good Balinese massage performed in an extremely professional and serene environment.

*DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by the all-inclusive Bali hotel Grand Mirage Resort and Thalasso Bali Spa.

Would you take the kids to a day spa?

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