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Earlier this year I got to experience an all-inclusive resort for the first time.

Prior to this I always pooh poohed anyone who took a holiday at an all-inclusive resort.  My travel snobbery taking over me, believing that you aren’t really travelling if you aren’t wandering the streets, getting lost, and eating out.

However from our recent family getaway to Bali when we were invited to stay and review the Grand Mirage Resort and Samabe Bali, I learnt the secret of why people choose the all-inclusive resort option.

all-inclusive resort


All-Inclusive Resort Benefits

1. Convenience and Ease

When I travel with kids I want life to be as easy as possible.

When I stayed at the all-inclusive resort everything I needed and wanted was at my fingertips: bottomless options of food, drinks and activities to suit everyone in the family all available within the resort – I did not have to step out the door.

This was fantastic for a short getaway as it usually takes a few trials and errors to find the right restaurant and shops that suit us.  Before I know it the trip is over and I’m still trying to locate the best place to eat or how to keep my son occupied.

The all-inclusive resort had several restaurants to try with a variety of menus.

all-inclusive resort

2.  Lots of Activities

They also offered us loads things to do for all the family.  Not only was there the standard kids club craft or child-minding for younger kids.  But lots to keep the adults entertained as well: yoga, ocean kayaking, water volleyball, beach soccer, cooking demonstrations, and games rooms with pool table, air hockey and table tennis.

We didn’t even have time to think about booking a separate day trip to explore outside the resort (remember we were only away for a few days this time and it is all about relaxation).


3.  Physical Safety

If we do have to step out of our accommodation to look for food one thing that often concerns me walking about the streets after dark is my personal safety.  As we did not have to go out I did not have to negotiate the run down streets filled with pot holes, cracked concrete drain covers and uneven paving.

Plus I didn’t have to worry about my pockets being picked or bag snatched by a passing motor cyclist.

all-inclusive resort benefits

4.  Secure with Food and Drinks

Another safety concern when travelling is the quality of the food and drinks.  Will the kids or I get sick.  Top hotels and resorts ensure they wash fruit, vegetables, make ice and drinks all with drinking water.

I know that I can safely order a salad, or drink with ice knowing I will not regret it by being sick for the next few days of my family holiday.  There is nothing worse than watching kids be sick or worse having to cope with kids while you feel like you are on deaths doorstep with a violent stomach upset.

all-inclusive resort

5.  No Work

Another thing I don’t want on a family holiday is housework.

I know a lot of people are currently into hiring a villa, but to me all I see in that option is work.  I don’t want to cook, clean, wash dishes, make beds, or do the laundry.

With all-inclusive it is ALL included.  A true holiday for me as well as the rest of the family.

all-inclusive resort

6.  All Costs Included

But what happens at the end of the family holiday?  You have to pay the bill.

Well the final clincher as to why I now love all-inclusive.  The price is set.  I know how much the entire holiday is going to cost before we leave home.  There are no shocking bills at check out, from having one too many drinks by the pool bar or ordering extra snack for the kids.

When we checked out we had nothing more to pay.  But had spent our getaway living it up with unlimited food, drinks and activities for us all.

Tell me in the comments whether you think the all-inclusive resort is the option for your family.

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