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If you are anything like me  a couple of months before you are about to embark on your holiday, you start to ramp up your fitness routine in an attempt to be your best for your holiday, only to have it all unravel whilst you sit poolside sipping cocktails.

I mean I try whilst I am on a family holiday to go for a walk along the beach or do some laps in the pool.  But I always come home a couple of kilos heavier.

So for our latest family holiday to Bali I tried to keep track of my efforts.

fitness and travelling

To do this I went to the Mobile Zap fitness category and looked through their selection of smart watches and smart bands.

Now at this point I would really suggest you do your research prior to buying a smart fitness device.  Consider everything that you will be doing and whether your smart fitness device can match your needs.

I didn’t and chose the Sony Smart Band.  To start with this smart band requires the latest Android 4.4 to use all the features (I only have Android 4.3 and was not able to fully use this smart band).

fit and travelling

The other problem with this smart band is that it is only water-resistant not water proof so I couldn’t use it whilst in the pool, therefore not giving a true indication of all my activity.

fit and travelling

Plus it needed to be charged every couple of days thereby not measuring my sleep every night.

fitness while travelling

However I could count my steps as we strolled along the beach.

fit while travelling

And add my activity when we went on a cycling tour through central Bali.

fit and travelling

As I said, this was my error in not doing enough research prior to choosing the Sony Smart Band and assessing whether it would meet all my needs.

However Mobile Zap have plenty of other options so just have a look around.

It was interesting to note at the end of the holiday that whilst I walk to the shops and along the beach most days it is not enough to keep those cocktails and the delicious buffet breakfasts from adding on a couple of kilos.

Of course now that I am back home, I am using the smart band to ensure I reach my 10 000 steps a day to knock of those kilos quick smart 🙂

How do you stay fit while travelling?

fitness and travelling

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14 thoughts on “How to Keep Fit while Travelling

  • Ruth - Tanama Tales

    I am thinking about taking one of these devices (or maybe something simpler) to Spain. I am interested in knowing how much I will walk per day (I am assuming it is going to be a lot). Like you, I try to walk around a lot before a trip.

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      When I was looking for a fitness device I wanted a watch included so as not to have to wear a watch and the smart fit band. But I didn’t look into enough of the other features of this smartband

  • Anne

    I always have good intentions of going for a run, to the gym or a swim while I am away but it doesn’t always work out. When I was travelling for business I used to exercise but when it is for a holiday it is harder to get motivated. Like you I try and do some tours that make you exercise. That bike tour in Bali is good fun except it is mainly down hill and you don’t have to work too hard!

  • Lyn (aka) The Travelling Lindfields

    Keeping the extra kilos at bay is my biggest challenge while travelling. I always start off well and by the end of the holiday I have given up entirely and just live in hope that I can lose the extra baggage before our next holiday. I’m afraid no amount of smart devices is going to help me – unless they invent one which actually forces me to eat less and exercise more – lol.

  • Bumble Bee Mum

    I think travelling with kids is a workout on its own! Who needs to keep track of the number of steps taken when we are carrying toddlers + luggage + stroller, trekking up and down every inch of the way – from the mountains to the steps in the subway stations. Aww man, I feel tired just thinking about it.

  • Mandy

    We had good intent on fitness on my recent travel to the US but we were way too busy. We accepted that our exercise was incidental, in NY we were averaging 20-25km a day, a lot more than an average day for me. It’s a hard balance sometimes.

  • Grace

    I was just thinking the other day about how I was going to keep up with my exercise while on holiday in Bali. I love running but not sure if I can deal with the heat over there. I’ll either use the hotel gym or wake up really, really early in the morning for my jog.

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      We have just returned from Bali Grace and experienced the most beautiful Bali weather. 30C days with a light sea breeze – perfect to still keep up with jogs or walks along the beach. I hope you get as much luck, if not there is always the hotels air conditioned gym with running machine – though the scenery is not so good 🙂