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Intimacy and travel with kids.  The two don’t sound like they go together.

We all like the idea of a family holiday, packing a few clothes, getting in the car for a road trip or on a plane for a flight with the kids.

To arrive at your idyllic accommodation that you chose just right for your family.  Where you will spend hours frolicking in the water/snow, riding bikes, building sand castles/snowmen, watching a few movies and finding some fun things to do with kids in your destination.

With all that fun and relaxation you’re likely to feel that bit more amorous.

But what can you do?

How do you get intimacy when you travel with kids?

Intimacy and travel with kids

10 Tips to have Intimacy and Travel with Kids.

1.  Acceptance

First things first.  You have to accept that you are now a family, not just a couple.  You can’t nip off for a quickie whenever the moment strikes.

Just like when you are at home, you will have to co-ordinate your activities around the kids.

2. Choose accommodation with separate bedrooms

The easiest way to solve much of the problem when you travel with kids is to ensure you choose accommodation that has separate bedrooms, eg. a chalet, apartment or villa.

Now you have some privacy should the kids stir or wake.

But what happens if you are camping, caravanning or all sharing a room.

3.  Put up a screen

If you have your own caravan or tent rig up a curtain (or similar) across your sleeping area to create a bit of privacy.

Or if you are in a hotel, perhaps drape some towels/spare blankets across the chairs in your room, then place them between your child’s bed and yours.

4.  Stay covered

If you’re all in the room together then you may feel more comfortable if you just keep the sheet over yourselves should the little ones wake up.  Waking up to see Mummy and Daddy doing strange things could scare the poor little one.

Plus you won’t feel so embarrassed at being caught out.

5.  Keep the volume down

Noise is one of the things that often wakes kids, and intimacy can bring about some strange loud noises.  So keep yourselves in check.

6.  Make use of nap time

Of course you don’t have to wait for the evening if your kids have an afternoon nap.  Need I say more 😉 ?

7.  Utilise kids clubs

If your concerned about the kids being in the room, then make sure you choose accommodation where the kids can be kept safely occupied for a few hours without you.

Pop them in the kids club  (even camping grounds have them now) and enjoy the tranquillity of no kids.

8.  Get creative

Or you can spice it up and get a little creative.

Remember those days when you were first dating and heading away on little getaways.  You would both enjoy the plunge pool or outdoor spa … naked … together.

Well make use of the extra facilities that your room may include or even the oversized bath – you will still be there for the kids if necessary, but you will have the freedom to be yourselves.

9.  Don’t be shy

Don’t be shy about showing affection to each other around your children.  It’s OK to have a kiss and cuddle in front of them – it even shows them that you love each other.

Plus it’s a great way to get those loved up feelings starting to build.  Just keep yourselves in check and save further affections for later.

10.  Have fun

Don’t forget you are on holidays, so keep your sense of humour if it all goes a little pair shaped.

How have you found intimacy when you travel with kids?

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