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I sigh with relief and feel vindicated that it was worth dragging my child (while not kicking – definitely complaining) for the short RM10 taxi ride away from the Hard Rock Hotel‘s pool and water park.

Step inside with me and see why.

We have just stepped into the Penang Butterfly Farm and are immediately greeted by thousands of multicoloured butterflies.

(UPDATE 2016: the Penang Butterfly Farm is now known as Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm).

Penang Butterfly farm

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Standing just inside the netted lush emerald-green garden consisting of hundreds of plant species, we gaze about.

There is the most amazing looking tree (almost something out of Harry Potter) with its branches stretched out in all sorts of obscure directions.  I insist Lewis (still pouting) pose for a photo. But it is not long before he warms up, remembering that this was a day trip that he chose during the initial research and planning for our holiday to Penang.  He starts to delight in the up close and personal interaction he is getting with the butterflies.

Penang Butterfly Farm with kids

As we wander about the Penang Butterfly Farm we learn more about the 4 stage life cycle (egg, caterpillar/larva, chrysalis/pupa, and adult butterfly) of a butterfly through the cute interactive display books .

Penang Butterfly Farm

We wind our way through the paved concrete trails to see more butterflies feeding on slices of freshly cut pineapple and sitting on beds of brightly coloured flowers.

We cross a wooden bridge spanning over the small waterfall that gushes into a pond filled with Koi and Arowana Fish

Penang Butterfly Farm

We marvel at how tame the butterflies are, landing on our hat, feet etc.  I am amazed that I can get so close to the butterflies without them fluttering away, enabling me to get such good photos from my simple digital camera.

As we make are way back toward the entrance we stumble upon the free guided tour that is so informative.

Our guide picks up a butterfly showing us how to handle it and explaining that a butterfly is an insect: 3 body parts, 2 antennae, 4 wings and 6 legs – the front 2 are so small you can barely see them.  He points out a rare butterfly in the garden (part of the Penang Butterfly Gardens role is butterfly conservation) this particular butterfly is native to Penang and is a hologram on the Malaysian Identity Card.  Next we are all trying to find the camouflaged green insect, no-one manages to find it.

Can you see it in the right hand photo?

Further along the trail we discover 2 butterflies mating – they mate for 24 hours – how exhausting!  Nearby are hundreds chrysalis waiting to emerge as beautiful butterflies.

Penang Butterfly Farm

Lewis is starting to get irritable so we move away from the tour and discover some cool looking Iguanas and Dragons.

Before departing we wander through the butterfly and insect museum.  Lewis is quite intrigued by the scorpions and Steve comments that this is the best place we have visited for a day trip, on any holiday!

Penang Butterfly Farm

I am relieved – it was worth paying RM27/adult and RM15/child (a full list of opening hours and fees can be found HERE) to enter the oldest tropical butterfly garden in the world.

Penang Butterfly Farm

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