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As many of you know I am a sun loving Aussie.  I grew up in sunny Perth, Western Australia which meant I never got to see snow.  As a result I have never ventured to the snow for a holiday due to my lack of experience on how to ski.

However last year when Lewis returned to school from the festive holiday break I discovered that many families had chosen to visit the snow instead of staying at home in the summer warmth.

Now fun family snow holidays are not restricted to those living in the Northern hemisphere.  People are becoming more willing to travel greater distances to experience fun in the snow.

But what if you are like me, ill experienced in the world of snow holidays – where can you start with planning your family snow holiday?

Well I’ve learnt quite a bit about family snow holidays from talking to my friends and reading Taking the Kids guide to family snow holidays.

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5 Tips for Family Snow Holidays

1. Be Located on the Snow

I have several friends who been on snow holidays and they all say book accommodation on the slopes.

The last thing you want to do is board a half hour shuttle in the morning that takes you up to the slopes, and then every time you want to go back to your accommodation you are back and forth in the shuttle bus.  I can just hear the kids whining already.

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2. Find a Resort that Teaches Beginners to Ski

Some resorts are set up for those that are experienced skiers, whilst others have invested in sculptured trails to help the beginner grow in confidence before they set out onto the big slopes.

Remember this Taking the Kids travel tip: Don’t teach your children or significant other to ski, let the professionals do their job – like the ones at terrain based learning centres.

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3. Hire don’t Buy

Purchasing ski clothes can be quite expensive.  So find a package that includes ski and snow clothing hire.

Friends of mine who have skied suggest that you just only purchase thermal undergarments and gloves.  To find these visit one of the adventure outdoor specialist stores.

4. Look for Additional Activities

If you’re unsure that the family is going to love spending the entire time on the snow, look for resorts that have additional activities like: bungee trampolines, rock climbing walls, zip-line courses, snow sports, and water parks.

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5. Include an Add On

If you are having to travel through a major city to get to your family snow holiday destination then why not include a city stay vacation as well.

A little culture and sightseeing is great for the whole family and also takes the pressure off the snow holiday being the total focus of the trip.

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San Francisco – Golden Gate Bridge

Where to Start Looking for a Snow Holiday

Now where to start with finding the right family snow holiday destination for you?

Why not visit Taking the Kids guide to family vacations on the ski slopes and beyond – they have a huge range of family friendly snow holiday destinations throughout the USA, Canada and Europe.  Plus there are links to help you customise your family snow holiday.

Have you been on a Snow Holiday?

What are your tips?

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