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On the weekends we love heading out for our family day road trips.

But if you are not prepared it can be dangerous to take the family out for a road trip.

There are some essential things we do to ensure our family stays safe.

road safety tips

3 Road Safety Tips

  1. Check the car

Before we head off, we stop at the petrol station.  We fill the car so we don’t run out of fuel in a place we don’t know.

Then we check the oil and water, ensuring the motor runs well.

Lastly we make sure the tyre pressure is correct for a smooth trip.

  1. Get the kids organised.

However no trip will be smooth if you have whinging whining kids in the back of the car plus this distraction can be quite dangerous.  So ensure they have entertainment for the road trip.

Get music ready to go in the CD player or iPod.

Have a drinks and food prepared.  I pack a water bottle for Lewis and a bag of his favourite snacks to pop next to him.  Hey whilst you’re getting something for the kids grab a drink and something to nibble on for yourself as well.

Put these in a bag or container nestled in the middle seat with some activities like sticker books, colouring, reading books or E-Tablet.  Remember you know your child best, some items may trigger car sickness so choose appropriately.

To keep kids happy doing these activities invest in some stable tables, if your car doesn’t come equipped with a tray table – like the one on a plane.

road safety tips

  1. Set up your mobile

Now the kids are set, make sure you are set up in the front.

We all know using mobile phones whilst driving is dangerous.

So that’s why we recently visited the Mobile Zap website to obtain a mobile phone holder for the car.

Mobile Zap have a range options for all brands of mobile phones.

I was really impressed with the service I received from Mobile Zap, the first holder I selected didn’t come with a dashboard attachment mechanism.  Mobile Zap contacted me to advise I would need to get the extra part or offered to switch my order – I switched my order to an iBolt iPro2.  The iBolt iPro2 came with a suction attachment, an inbuilt recharge cable, and had moveable parts to adjust the holder so as to display the phone within the car how I wanted.

The phone was ready to be collected from the Post Office ten days later.

Using the suction mechanism I quickly attached it to the dashboard and clicked the lead into the charger.

road safety tips

I decided to put the phone in the middle of the dash for safety reasons.

Steve can easily answer calls using the speaker, he does not have to look down for his phone; his eyes are still constantly looking through the windscreen.

Plus if we are heading on a day road trip and need to use Google Maps like when we recently visited New Norcia and Whiteman Park, I can input the location required then Steve can easily follow the map as he drives.

road safety tips

This is so much safer than our previous method where I would relay the directions, that always got misinterpreted, which resulted in a small tiff; not very conducive for safe driving.

Now the map is in Steve’s line of sight, out of his hands, Lewis is entertained and the car is running smoothly; ensuring we all stay safe on our future family road trips.

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What is your road safety tip?

Tell me in the comments.

road safety tips

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