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We love Penang for a family holiday!

We’ve loved it so much we have been there twice; once with a toddler in 2011 and again for a family holiday in 2014.

Of course one of the great reason to visit Penang for a family holiday is the fantastic food.  But for us the other great reason is all the fun things to do in Penang with kids (or without).

So what things to do in Penang have we really enjoyed on our family holidays?

things to do in Penang

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9 Things to do in Penang

Penang Hill

Penang Hill became a popular place for day trips for the British as it was somewhere they could escape the tropical heat.  Today kids and adults alike will still enjoy a day trip up Penang Hill that includes taking a ride on the longest funicular train in Asia.

things to do in Penang

Fort Cornwallis

Another famous attraction is visiting Fort Cornwallis that was built by the British with the intention to protect the British base in Penang, though no battles were ever actually fort here. You can now wonder the large fort and look out across the passage between Penang and mainland Malaysia.

things to do in penang Colonial Buildings

The British came to settle in Penang during the 1700’s here to make use of the lucrative spice trade, as a result there are beautiful colonial building throughout the capital of Georgetown.

things to do in penang

Trishaw/Rickshaw Ride

A fun way to see all those beautiful building is to take a trishaw (also know as a rickshaw) ride.

things to do in penang


In those early settlement days other nationalities were brought in to help with working on all that infrastructure.  These people have since created their own areas within Georgetown.  In Penang’s Chinatown there are a variety of worshipping houses from Thai, Burmese and Chinese cultures.

things to do in penang

The Spice Garden

The spice trade that began the whole development of Penang started in the northern beach area of Batu Ferringhi now a tourist resort area, a 45 minute bus ride from Georgetown.  Five minutes further along the road you can explore the Tropical Spice Gardens ; not only learning about a wide variety of spices but also discovering the history of the spice trail and how it impacted Penang’s growth.

things to do in penang

Penang Butterfly Farm

(UPDATE 2016: The Penang Butterfly Farm is now known as Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm)

Whilst you are in the region of Batu Ferringhi you can also step in to the Penang Butterfly Farm.

things to do in Penang

Batu Ferringhi Beach

Then take a stroll along the famous Batu Ferringhi Beach perhaps getting bit braver and trying your hand at paragliding, jet skiing or a horse back riding.

Batu Ferringhi Night Market

Then finish off the day by meandering through the Batu Ferringhi nights markets after an almost guaranteed delicious meal.

things to do in Penang

What would you like to do in Penang? Or have you done something better?

Please tell me in the comments.

things to do in Penang

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