My Say: The Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites Review 24

After much deliberation selecting a suitable accommodation for our family holiday to Bali, I choose the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites.

The Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites are continually voted in the top 10 family resorts on Trip Advisor and Holiday with Kids.

But do I think the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites is really worth all those accolades?

Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites review

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My Review of the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites

The Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites is located on a very busy double lane main highway.  A good 7 minutes walk from the Sanur beach front.


However once we enter the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites resort that doesn’t seem to matter.

My son Lewis and I (my partner, Steve is stuck back in Perth due to an ear infection and will join us later) arrive at the resort by airport transfer that is included in our package – 2 Bedroom Balcony Suite with Breakfast on the Great Value Package:

  • 10% room rate discount
  • daily breakfast (for 4)
  • free WiFi (4 devices)
  • return transfers
  • daily washing
  • 500 000IR voucher
  • daily kids ice cream

We sit on the soft orange stools in the open aired reception and are greeted by the friendly staff who provide us with a cool drink and towel.  Once the formalities are attended to we are given a brief tour of the resort.  I can see that the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites is an older style resort but is all well maintained and freshly painted.  We are then shown to our room.

The 2 Bedroom Suite at Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites

We enter into the huge expanse of the lounge room that has a dark rattan lounge suite, with grey flecked cushions and bright scatter cushions, plus there is a flat screen TV, DVD player and a desk.  The white gleaming floor tiles run through out the suite.

Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites Review

We turn to see the recently renovated kitchen with a grey laminate cupboards containing plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, saucepans, and sufficient space for us to put our produce.  There is also a 4 burner stove, oven, microwave, sink, full sized fridge, tea and coffee sachets, plus a 10L hot and cold drinking water dispenser (supposedly it is a 10L bottle/week but we received a 3rd bottle towards the end of our 2nd week).

PS there is a sign to advise that you have to wash your own dishes; dish washing liquid, cloth and tea towel are all provided.  That’s OK with me I wasn’t planning on doing any cooking because it’s my holiday too.

Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites review

We then walk through the alcove that branches off to the 2 bedrooms.  The master room is also big with a large queen sized bed, desk, luggage rack, robe and bench seat located in front of the flat screen TV (probably my only complaint as the TV did not swivel towards the bed).  There is also a small en-suite bathroom with large standing shower.

The second bedroom is fairly compact with twin beds, desk, small robe and a bathroom with bath just outside the bedroom door.

Sanur Paradise Plaza suites review

The suite is immaculately clean and stays that way for the entire 2 weeks (the cleaning staff are a credit to the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites resort).

We finish off our tour of the room by stepping out onto the balcony we have a lovely view over the pool which we can sit and enjoy on the 2 rattan arm chairs with coffee table, but we are missing our clothes horse.  I mention this to the front desk staff on our way down to the pool and it is on the balcony when we return.

Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites review

The Pool at Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites

As soon as we have unpacked our luggage Lewis is desperate to hit the pool, OK I want to as well 🙂  We make our way down to the main pool, locate the towel counter and find a table under a brolly for lunch, many of the sun lounges are in the full sun.  Whilst we wait for our burgers and fries I log into the free WiFi without hassle to call Steve via the Viber App and advise him we have arrived safely.  Then we jump into the pool.

Much of the pool is quite deep (about 1.8m) so I am grateful I have brought Lewis’s inflatable ring even though he can swim.

Sanuir Paradise Plaza Suites review

There is however, a small pool to the side about knee depth where many of the kids are shooting basketballs.

Sanur paradise Plaza Suites review

After an enjoyable lunch we find the water slide.

There are tables and chairs undercover along one side so that I can easily watch over Lewis.  This is the water slide pool so it is fairly deep where the slide splashes into the pool.  Children have to be able to swim or you need to be on hand to catch them to use the slide.  The kids (and so am I 😉 ) are all having a ball on the water slide and many have brought an inflatable ring to sit on to get greater speed down the slide.

Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites review

Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites review

I see that toddlers are happy splashing about at the shaded shallow end of the pool.

Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites review

Lewis and all the other kids are happy playing in the pool – it is hard to drag them away, so all the parents relish the 4pm happy hour.  A DJ is playing at the main pool but it is not blaring, just a bit more boppy party mood music that adds to the ambiance with the $5 cocktails.  With this lighter mood many parents become a bit more social chatting about adventures they have been on (it is from this advice that I book a family day trip to Bali Safari and Marine Park through Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites and choose to do the Green Bike Cycle Tour).  Everyone is also full of tips on which are the best places to eat in Sanur town.

The Food – The Terraces Restaurant at Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites

I finally drag Lewis away from the pool to shower and head out for dinner.  But he is tired and I think a little nervous to walk down the back lane to find a restaurant for dinner, I can’t even entice him to eat at the themed BBQ buffet dinner for the family movie night by the pool.

So instead we pop back to the hotels mini mart to buy a carton of milk, drinks and an ice cream for desert.  Back in the room I pop everything into the fridge and freezer then order room service, Lewis orders a pizza and I a pasta.

The room service menu is the same as the pool; all coming from the Terraces Restaurant within the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites.  It is quite an extensive menu offering everything from burgers, fries, pizzas, pastas, tacos and the more authentic Balinese dishes; all at very affordable prices around $10-15AUD, the only difference with the room service menu is a surcharge of $2AUD/order.

We enjoy our dinner whilst watching a family movie on the Disney channel.  The majority of the meals we have throughout our stay are all quite tasty.

Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites review

The next morning we head up to the open aired Terraces Restaurant for the buffet breakfast.  The tables all overlook the pool and gardens of the resorts.  But Lewis and I are more interested in eating.

Sanur Paradise plaza Suites review

We start by circumnavigating around the buffet; there are juices, fruits, cereals (rice bubbles, cocoa flakes and muesli – I personally would have liked to have seen some Weetbix or porridge as well), toast with jam, Vegemite and Nutella, yoghurt, cold cuts, bakery, eggs cooked to your liking, crispy bacon, grilled tomatoes, sausages, baked beans, potato and an Asian dish.  Many of the choices change daily which I think is a nice touch, especially as most guests appear to stay at least a week.

The Kids Club – Camp Splash at Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites

After breakfast we go in search of the kids club.

The Camp Splash kids club is located between the main pool and water slide pool.  It is a massive space that I thought would have been dark and gloomy as it is located at the basement level of the pool wing suites.  But I am delighted to find it is brightly lit and welcoming with the white painted “tree trunks” lining the walls and the coloured striped flooring.

There is plenty to keep everyone (even the adults) amused in the games area.  There are 2 pool tables, table tennis, air hockey, soccer (foosball) table, play station, and a giant chess set.

Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites review

As I mentioned the games area even caters for the adults.  The Camp Splash kids club is not like many others; you do not sign your children in and out, the kids are free to come and go as they please.  I think this is because the Camp Splash kids club is aimed at the primary school age group and that is reflected in the daily activities.  (If you do have little ones or want a date night out the Camp Splash team are available to hire for baby sitting and there is a toddler playground.)

Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites review

Every hour there is a scheduled activity and credit to the Camp Splash team as they come out to both pools with a megaphone to round up the kids for each activity.  Lewis really enjoys taking part in craft, splash competitions, sack races, diving for marbles, and more.

If you would like to know more about the Camp Splash activities click HERE.

Sanur Paradise Plaza suites review

Handy Extras at Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites

Lewis also enjoys catching the free hotel shuttle to Hardy’s store (a large supermarket and department store) and the beach.  The beach has a lovely boardwalk – a great way to stay fit whilst you travel, or I could use the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites gym (but I’m not a gym person).

Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites review

After a day or 2 when Lewis’s confidence grows I am able to entice him to take the back gate (open 9am-6pm – a taxi after hours should cost no more than $5AUD) to walk 5 minutes down the lane to the main street of Sanur where many of the restaurants, money changers, massage places (there is a day spa in the resort – it must have been good because I could never get an appointment) shops and laundrettes are located.

Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites review

Though personally if we didn’t have laundry included in our package I would have used the guest laundry at the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites, which also has the ironing facilities.

Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites Review

The Verdict

There isn’t much the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites hasn’t thought of for the family travel market.  It is no wonder why they have ranked as one of the top family resorts.

The resort not only has all the facilities you would need if you travel with kids, but it just has such a nice friendly vibe, from the staff through to the kids and the parents.

  • PLEASE NOTE: We stayed here paying the full rate and were not sponsored to write this – I just really like the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites.

Would you or your family like the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites?

Please tell me in the comments.

Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites review

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24 thoughts on “My Say: The Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites Review

  • Emily

    Looks like a great resort! Thanks for sharing. The food bit almost made me go and get some lunch, though.
    (Sorry to do this – just a few FYI comments about your page. I’m using my iPad and your page took a really long time to load – maybe the image sizes? And when it did load, I got four pop-ups and I’m still getting a few. Another thing is your share icons on the left are covering the beginning of each line, making it difficult to comment and leave my name and email. Just a few things that might need tweaking to make reading your posts easier.) #teamIBOT

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      Hi Emily thanks so much for all the notes, not sure why you are getting 4 pop ups(should only be 2 – 1 Facebook and 1 email) love to know what the other pop ups are? I will look at altering where the share icons are located.

      • Emily

        Thanks – and thanks for taking the comments the way I intended! This time I only got two pop-ups. Both for email. Actually, while typing that the Facebook one popped up. So three this time around. Hope that helps. x

        • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

          Thanks Emily, I’ve just altered the share icons should now be across the bottom of the page. The Facebook is set up for a delayed time (hopefully the reader has had time to decide if they like my stuff 🙂 ). There should only be one email in the bottom right corner, with the hope that it was non intrusive, only returns after 3 minutes but does scroll with the page.

  • Linda Bibb

    Reading your review reminded me of why I like Sanur so much. I know a lot of Aussies like Kuta and Seminyak, but Sanur does have a more laid back family-friendly vibe. An added blessing for moms is that the waves are calmer on the Sanur side as well.

    Did you visit Kopi Bali House? It was our favourite place to eat because they know how to make runny fried eggs.

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      We are not your typical Aussie Linda, we don’t like the Kuta and Seminyak side, it’s just too loud, brash and expensive.
      We loved Sanur’s laid back vibe, but we didn’t try Kopi Bali House. We are seriously considering going back this year so will keep a look out for it.

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      Hi Cindy, one of the great things about Sanur is that it is so family friendly. Many of the local restaurants along the main street cater for kids – so with their standard Indonesia fare they also included pizza and spaghetti. This was also where my son finally started to explore with his and ventured to the chicken satay (without sauce) 😉 My favourite places to eat were the Fire Station and Restorante Massimo. You may like to visit my post on “Bali: all the travel stories” I have links on day trips we took and restaurant reviews I posted on Trip Advisor.
      Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

      • Cindy

        Thank you Sally-Ann for replying so quickly. We have just arrived home from Legian & Sanur. We really enjoyed The Glass House, my husband & I went 1 night on our own, & then took the boys with us the following night. Make sure you book!

        • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

          Thank you for getting back to me Cindy, I have been wondering how you got on. Thank you for the tip about the Glass House restaurant we will check it out when we head to Bali in 6 weeks time.
          Did you get to the Fire Station or Massimos?

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      Hi Lucy, there are ATM machines at the front of Hardy’s supermarket. Personally I think using a travel card is a much safer option than using your credit card. If by any chance the card is hacked it is only the amount set on your travel card not your entire credit card. But you may need a credit card for deposit at the hotel, I suggest you send reservations an email asking if the travel card is acceptable.