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Welcome to a new series of travel posts – Arm Chair Travel.

Once a month I will bring to you a collection of travel posts written by my fellow travel bloggers that I really enjoyed reading.

So grab a cuppa (or wine 😉 ), sit back in your arm-chair, and join me as I show you what I discovered in the world of travel during January 2016.

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For me one of the great delights of travel is the food.

Ruth from Tanama Tales is often showing off her gastronomic tours.  This month she was Eating Tucson on a Food Tour.

Meanwhile Anda from Travel Notes and Beyond showed the Food Scene at Mercato Centrale in Florence.

The travel food posts are often like a photographic essay.  I found more photo essays showcasing some destinations.

Lyndall from Sieze the Day Project has recently been providing some beautiful photographic journals of her travels around Italy.  I particularly enjoyed joining her for A Stroll Around Siena.

travel blog posts

Image courtesy of Sieze the Day Project

Another photographic essay journey I have enjoyed was by Min from Write of the Middle where she showcased Highfield House Stanley from her Tasmanian adventures.

travel blog posts

Image courtesy of Write of the Middle

Though this month in travel wasn’t all just food and photos.

Michele from Malaysian Meanders took me on a fun Cattle Drive at Fort Worth Stockyards.  Something I am sure my son would enjoy.

travel blog posts

Image courtesy of Malaysian Meanders

While Allane from Packing my Suitcase got me reminiscing about Egypt with her Day Trip to Luxor.

travel blog posts

Image courtesy of Packing My Suitcase

And finally if I got stuck in transit on the way to a holiday destination Linda from As We Saw It gave me a Layover Hack: How to Tour a City for Free.

Which is your favourite travel blog post from January?

Please tell me in the comments.

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