10 Perfect Places for European Family Holidays

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Europe is a fine travel destination for families. There are family-friendly hotels spread across most cities, numerous attractions and abundant vegetation that the kids will certainly enjoy. Europe is famous for its world class museums and historic sites; for the younger ones, the fantastic activities, fairy tale castles and entertainment parks will keep them entertained for days.

Here are 10 amazing places you should go with the whole family in Europe.

European family holidays

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  1. Germany, The Black Forest

The Black Forest of Germany is packed with beautiful walking trails, gentle ski slopes, cycle paths, and astounding surrounding nature. Your kids will love it, not to mention that a camping trip is a chance for the whole family to connect and just enjoy the beauty of the wildlife. To make things even more interesting, make sure to take the kids to see Germany’s higher waterfall, the Triberg Waterfall, positioned right on the Black Forest railway.

Europe with kids

Black forest

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  1. Hungary, Budapest

Famous for its nightlife and history, Budapest is incredibly family friendly. Start your journey with the swimming baths. The city sits on an amalgam of hot springs, so you’ll find numerous spas, indoor and outdoor pools here. Next, head over to the circus and the zoo, and then attend a puppet show.

  1. Finland, Åland Archipelago

The Åland Archipelago is an independent island in Finland with lots of interesting places to see. The destination is incredibly popular due the ferry ride most kids enjoy. The spot packs superb secluded beaches, crystal-clear waters, and scenic cycling routes for the most adventurous. A getaway to this fabulous archipelago will make your holidays in Finland a dream come true.

Europe with kids

Aland Archipelago, Finland

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  1. Spain, Ibiza

Once known as a clubbing island, Ibiza has recently turned into the ideal vacation spot for families with kids. There are many kid-friendly beaches on the island, as well as numerous water parks, entertaining street shows and flea markets.

  1. United Kingdom, London

London is an ideal city to explore with the kids. It packs glorious parks and beautiful playground, as well as fabulous museums and sporting venues. Among some of the best, we should mention Madame Tussauds Museum, the Tower of London and the changing of the guards, among numerous others.

  1. Denmark, Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a fabulous European city. It prides with a magical Round Tower that your little ones will adore, as well as with plenty of amusement parks, flower gardens, and delicious dining venues.

  1. Spain, Barcelona

Barcelona is a must-see city of Spain. The wonderful, peculiar edifices and buildings will surely amaze the kids. There are superb parks surrounding the city too, as well as numerous beaches and a fantastic aquarium positioned at Port Vell.

  1. France, Brittany

Brittany is an exquisite travel spot for families with kids. There are plenty of kid-friendly resorts around the coast of La Baule and San Malo, where the smooth sandy beaches and clear waters will help you relax to the fullest. Dinard is a traditional seaside resort you might want to try out. It has everything you need for a dreamlike holiday with the kids.

Europe with kids

Lighthouse of Ploumanach, Brittany, France

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  1. France, Disneyland Paris

Paris is a city of love, fine food, and exceptional culture. However, when you’re traveling with kids you want to make them happy too. There’s no other place like Disneyland, and the one in Paris will certainly exceed all their expectations. Enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and make sure to take lots of photos with your kid’s favorite Disney characters. On site, there are plenty of restaurants and shops that will keep you busy all day long.

  1. Greece, Corfu

With over 1 million tourists per year, Corfu is an amazing travel destination. Whether you’d like to opt for an exclusive resort with all kinds of amenities and entertainment facilities for kids, or you’d rather rend a villa in a rather quiet area of the island, there’s no doubt that you’ll have fun. On Avlaki Beach for example, which is positioned up north of Corfu, you can learn to windsurf.

Get the family together and talk about your next holiday together. There are lots of places you can choose in Europe, starting from the most peaceful and entertaining to the quietest and most relaxing. Make your pick and enjoy a fabulous vacation with your loved ones.

Which destination would you like to take your family?

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