Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Who Travel 11

Tis the season to be giving.

But what presents are you going to buy the kid who travels or is about to embark on their first ever family holiday.

Here are my top picks for Christmas gifts for the kid who travels.

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7 Travel Gifts for Kids.

When you travel with kids there are some essentials you should always pack: medical items, snacks and activities.

Creator Lego

One of my son’s favourite activities is Lego.  I have found the Creator Lego packs a great option for travel.  Each set of Creator Lego can be made into three different items, plus your child can use the Lego to make their own creation.  Basically, it’s one toy that can be made and played with in so many ways.

Plus it’s a perfect space-saving toy to pack when you travel with kids.

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Mindful Colouring or Activity Books

Another great activity is colouring books.  Personally, I like to try to find some that also have activities eg. dot to dot, word sleuths, mazes etc.  Another great option are the mindful colouring books.  There are lots of different ones about, you can choose one that matches your destination.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”0316265810″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”allyann232-20″ width=”500″] [easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”1580626416″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”allyann232-20″ width=”433″]

Colouring Felt Pens

If you are going to include a colouring book then you will need something to colour with.  When we travel a personally like coloured pencils as they can’t mark furniture and furnishings.

However, these Artline Stix are a nifty travel activity as they also click together (a bit like Lego) so your child be creative making things from the felt pens.  Take note, there are several different types of marker tips.  The brush marker would be perfect for the fine work required in the mindful colouring books.

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Travel Books

Now when you travel with kids they don’t spend all their time playing with their toys, they too are interested and inquisitive about the new destination that they are visiting.  Often I find I can’t answer all the questions about a location or simplify it to their level of comprehension.  So taking a fun resource book like this from Lonely Planet will help to educate your child and help immerse them into the culture.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”1743607741″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”allyann232-20″ width=”377″]


Sometimes though kids are tired and just want to sit back and relax.  Well, I don’t want to listen to their movie or game so set headphones allow us all to exist in peace.

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Once you arrive at your destination everyone wants photos to remember their journey, but there’s nothing more annoying than your child ripping the camera continually from your hands.  So get them their own.  These kiddy cameras are robust, yet work with an SD card so that all the pictures your child has taken can be downloaded onto your computer.

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Finally, to carry all these items you have packed for travel with kids, you will need a bag.  I like to give my son his own carry on bag for which he is responsible.  These from Trunki have the added bonus that when your little ones legs get tired, they can sit on the case so you can drag them and their goodies along.

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Do you have any great Christmas travel gift ideas for kids?

Please share them in the comments.

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11 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Who Travel

  • eileen g

    These are good ideas. I like the markers! In the U.S., Crayola and other brands make these Magic Pen activity books that come with a pen that only writes on that book. They’re usually cheap enough that they don’t need to come home again and in the meantime, absolutely no mess! I love sticker books for littler kids too, though on our first long flight my daughter put a giant sticker on her leg and it took us a week to get it off! Maybe the key is to buy not-very-good stickers that don’t stick well.

  • Ruth

    I like your gift ideas! To me, they promote a child creativity. Today, I went to a Natural History Museum with my nephews and one of them was interested in taking photos and making video. I am seeing that he is into arts and visuals. The camera and the travel books would be perfect gift for him. #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      Kids have really embraced technology Ruth, but that doesn’t mean they spend the whole time playing games. The kids are starting to discover great creative ways to use their cameras and iPad’s. On return from a trip you cuold even encourage them to make a short video incorporating facts they learned along the way.

  • Different Shores

    I love the idea of getting kids excited about travel. I think there’s nothing sadder than a kid that gets to teens and doesn’t want to go anywhere. I’d have loved that Lego kit when I was small! #TheWeeklyPostcard

  • Kreete

    What great ideas! I am not a child but I would love new headphones and a colouring book aswell!! How cool are these coloring pens though? Makes me want to be a child again.

  • Angelica

    These are great! I was thinking about getting my friend’s son a present. They travel a lot as a family and he LOVES Lego. The Creator kit sounds absolutely perfect for him. Thanks for the awesome recommendations!