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When I’m packing for kids for our family travels I am always short on space.  So I am always on the look out for travel activities that have more than one function.

So which products have I found to be the best.

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3 Top Travel Activities for Kids

Creator Lego

I’ve mentioned before how I always pack Creator Lego.  The great thing about Creator Lego is it has the ability to be built into several different things as opposed to just one item like other varieties of Lego.  I choose sets that include cars and therefore my son Lewis can just play cars if he isn’t interested in building.  For girls you could ensure you choose packs that have “dolls” so they can make a game just from the figures.

Even when Lewis was a toddler I chose Duplo sets that included cars.

travel activities for kids

Activity Books

However Lego isn’t that great when you go out for meals or even on the plane and in the car, little pieces fall and it just becomes annoying trying to find the missing pieces.  So for these times I use activity books.

If you look around there are more choices than just basic colouring.  Choose packs that include age appropriate word sleuths, spot the difference, stickers and even a story.

travel activities for kids

Markers – Artline Stix

Of course to go with the activity book you will colouring markers or pencils.  Up until now this item has only had the function of colouring.

Well Artline have now introduce Artline Stix.  These cool markers not only come in a range of 20 bright colours but also have a choice of 3 different brush types – great for the budding artist.  Our set of markers arrive in a stylish box.  Lewis and I are eager to try them out and discover that they glide beautifully on the page, creating lovely drawings.

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However it is their multi use option that really appeals to me.  They have nifty little nodules on the outside of the triangular-shaped markers that click together, enabling kids to also get creative with building.  Plus there are some collectible toy characters to add to the collection.  The kids can add: monsters, sea creatures and animals into their creative play.

Once Lewis gets the hang of connecting the markers (they were a little tricky at first) he has fun creating vehicles for the characters to travel upon.

travel activities for kids

If your kids are looking for further creative ideas on what to build check out Artline Stix website.  Then once they have built their item they can then play with it.  WooHoo more entertainment and less “I’m Bored” 🙂

As a parent this is a win as their play time with a set of markers has just doubled – meaning more peace for me 😉  The other bonus of the Artline Stix is that they are non-toxic and washable, which as any parent knows is a must for young kids using markers.

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So just with these 3 items I have created at least 6 separate activities saving you space in your family packing and keeping you kids entertained for twice as long when you travel.

Have you got any other travel activities for kids that have a multi purpose?

Tell me in the comments.

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